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  1. The sound is gravely, almost like the splitter is trying to engage.
  2. My 98 DM 13 speed has been occasionally making noise in 4th/8th gear. It doesn't do it all the time, but a few times a day. It was low on oil, I filled it up, and it was quite for awhile but it keeps making noise. Someone told me there was three locations to check the level on the transmission. Not sure if that was true or not. I only have been checking the big side plug on the passenger side. Any ideas?
  3. I just talked to them this morning and apparently it's the shop's night foreman who is on the job. He told this morning that he has to take care of everyone else in the shop and finish my truck at the same time. I called my local dealer and he gave me a estimate of 18 hours to swap out the clutch. I should have went there in the first place. The shop manager told me the bill was around $3400.00 right now. Outrageous. My truck is supposed to be ready Monday morning now. I'm out 4 days of work plus the bill. So what I was told originally was that it would done in 2 nights, I'd be only d
  4. Anyone know how many hours it takes to install a clutch on a 98 DM with a Mack 13 speed? I have my truck at a local truck repair shop and it's going on 24 hours this mechanic has been working on it. At first they said it could be done in 16 hours and I'd only be down for one day. They are open 24 hours but only have one night guy working on it. They told me to drop it off after work on Monday, they could pull it out that night, have it back together the next night, and I'd only be down one day. Now it's going on the 4th night and they said it still might not be done for Friday morning. I
  5. Ah, decisions, decisions... I hate buying used anything. I love the idea of gliders but they out of my budget this year. Isn't there going to be new emissions for 2015?
  6. Thanks bullhusk... are you running the 12.7's?
  7. I want to stretch the frame, make it a tri-axle dump. How many miles on the E7?
  8. Is that what your license plate says?
  9. Anyone have any bad experiences with the Cummins ISX engines? I'm looking at 2006 Pete 387 road tractor with a 450hp one. I know the newer ones had pump problems were kindly leaving metal shavings through the motor.
  10. I'll have to take a look... seems like a decent price for that seat. The base on mine is shot.
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