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1993 Superliner for Sale

Anthony Russo

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I would like to see a pic of the B753, what are the specs?

My buddy has a B75 super light weight, alum. everything. It has the narrow nose like a B61, he went to Montana to get it. It has a Cummins, and a Tri-Plex, I think. He wants to put a 425 CAT and a 15 over in it.

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Yes she will be my full time ride.

Its currently in primer and hope to have it rolling in November.

Its been stretched to 300" with 1999 running gear and mack air ride.

She has a Big Cam 400 with a 15 over and a 4 over behind it.

She will be white with black fenders and a painting on the back of the sleeper (which has been integrated to the cab)of a Dominatrix holding back two white tigers.

The interior will be black leather and charcoal grey ceramic tile.

Her job will be preloading tankers in New England when I'm not transporting a race car stacker.

Can't wait to post some pictures!

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tell me more about the 1414c 5x4. would love to put a 5x4 back in my 761 Brockway but the one that was in it wouldn't hold up to 450 hp. did you build this or is it a common tranny.


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You bet! That's the B. It also has a New front axle. I purchased it from Dennis Mehan and it came from the Bristol Tn. Area

It was built for Continental can in Chatanooga.

She's in the hands of Kevin All who is doing the restoration.

The Mh chassis is waiting for the B to be completed, then I will do the switch.

The 1414c is a single transmission, 5 main and 4 air. Twin counter shaft.

First x2-second x2- third x2- then fourth and fifth x4 totaling 14 forward gears.

It will take 450 hp no problem.

I do have a spare one for sale.

Red Smith can give you the whole scoop on the trans.

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I hate to see you sell the Superliner, I never got to get a pic of it next to mine, I think you and Ray should meet me down here for a photo op of all three Superliners. It would probably be the only pic ever with three Superliners over a 240" wheelbase. Get some more pics of the progress on the B, hell email em to me and Ill post em for you.

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