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Still on the job..but are we really surprised?

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Our old 93 DM still puts in an honest day's work when we need her to, 58K rears with 12R24.5 rubber, I've loaded it to 80K+ and trucked it into the city . . . 300 HP Maxidyne with the T2070 7 spd Maxitorque (really just a 5 speed with a couple granny gears). . . . . "Tri axle? What???"

Always liked the hood on these late model DMs. Too bad they did not use a similar hood (or at least keep the round headlights) on the RDs.


PRR Country and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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By the way. If you seen a R686ST in these forums that might look simular to ours from Hudson NH it's because its the sister to ours. Joey Naples bought it from us. He and my boss are good friends. His is now parked unregistered and my boss is contiplating buying it back. Needs a frame BAD! But still a good ol' girl.

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Here's one I caught outa the school bus window awhile back. Not a rolloff but still a R model.

Remember that that old saying. "Mack trucks never die they just find new owners".

Thanks for not licking the windows until after you took the picture. :twothumbsup:


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