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  1. That old Walter come from an airport maybe? I've heard of them being popular at the smaller airfields years ago. My dad had the chance to drive one back in the 70's at the small airport he flew out of in the Berkshires.
  2. Look up the Allison website, there's a video there of two dump trucks driving fully loaded through "pea stone". The standard shift makes it about a third of the way through while the Allison equipped truck drives right on through non stop! I know it's comparing apples to oranges but we've moved to all Allison fleet of medium duty tow trucks and have had no problems and nothing but praise for them! Just remember to change fluid and filters (an easy job) when recommended, and spend the $$$ for the fully synthetic fluid. I bet you'll be glad you switched!
  3. I've seen that truck at the Barrington NH show . . . it is NICE
  4. Our old 93 DM still puts in an honest day's work when we need her to, 58K rears with 12R24.5 rubber, I've loaded it to 80K+ and trucked it into the city . . . 300 HP Maxidyne with the T2070 7 spd Maxitorque (really just a 5 speed with a couple granny gears). . . . . "Tri axle? What???"
  5. My main concern was that the red marking on the linings were on opposite ends of the shoes. One shoe had red marking closer to the anchor pin and the other shoe had red marking closer to the s-cam roller pin. So I was worried that maybe they were a combination lining and thus the one shoe would be primary and other shoe secondary. I've looked all over the Meritor website but they don't seem to indicate that they should be installed in any specific position so I've gone ahead and installed them without regard to primary or secondary shoe. Everyone's response here has reinforced my instinct t
  6. The kit was supposed to be Q+ shoes, the difference is noticeable but not huge, prob 1/8" at most. I'm just trying to make sure they wear evenly so I can get the most mileage possible. The old ones wore down so they were pretty even across the length of the web's arc, makes it hard to match old shoes to the new ones.
  7. Neither did I until I went to put them on and took a closer look at them, holding them side by side. In the past I just threw them on the truck without second thought. Must be "new and improved", makes me feel "dumb and confused"
  8. Hi guys, I realize this is a simple question but I just can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I'm doing a brake shoe replacement on S-cam brakes using Meritor reman shoes. The cam is located in front of the axle, and I realize the primary shoe should go in the bottom position (first shoe past the cam in direction of wheel rotation). But which shoe is the primary? One shoe has thicker material than the other, does that make it the primary or secondary? Also I've noticed that on each shoe, one lining block is colored red on the edge. One shoe has the red lining closer to the cam, the oth
  9. Does the clutch pedal need to be depressed when this is done?
  10. Any change in the pyrometer readings at highway speeds climbing a hill?
  11. Just another example of how clueless Joe repeatedly disrespects the importance and dignity of his privileged office . . . . . very sad indeed!
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