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Chicago R models

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The IH's are older 9200's  one is an 01' with an M11.   The other is an 04' with a C12 that was puked when we got it.  The guys running them, like them.   We have a really good IH dealer, so parts have not been an issue.   I like the aluminum cabs, but dislike the how the dashes but up.  in the last week I have driven one of our Pete 567 with the X15 Cummins and Endurant trans and the KW T880 with X15 Cummins an 13 sp UltraShift.   I should write  a review.  

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On 7/1/2019 at 9:56 PM, storkmack said:

3 Pete’s, 2 KW,s, 2 IH’s, 4 Mack’s  in the every day trucking Fleet.  The Mack’s are 05’ and older.  

Don’t you have one with an Mdrive?

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On 7/5/2019 at 6:14 PM, Nobody454 said:

i had heard that the PTO won't engage if you're in gear on the MDrive...not sure if that is true or not...but I bet you couldn't spread stone very well in that case.

Maybe the Starks could confirm that

It won’t engage while in gear you have to go to neutral to engage the PTO and it won’t change gears while the PTO is engaged, I put it in first gear and it spreads stone just fine

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