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  1. I'm not sure how efficient the old oil bath air cleaners were for fine particulates and such, but they did collect some crud for sure. The one I bought on here was loaded with crap. The truck is looking good...I sure do wish I had tome and funds for mine...maybe later in the year...I hope. Looking good.
  2. I'm a purist at heart but I find all the work in those pictures to be not only very well done but sharp and tasteful. I'd be proud of it for sure. Plus, it's yours so do whatever you like!
  3. Yup, they can vote. Makes me feel real good about our future...When I was that age I could tell you who all of our government officials were by name...the president's cabinet and all...I knew who our enemies were and why and I knew who our allies were...I guess I should have drank and chased (more) tail...Whatever. Brain dead idiots.
  4. How about some pictures of the front of that old girl...I like looking at rear ends but a pretty face to go with it makes my day...Looking nice. Great work there.
  5. 100 Octane too! They should sell rides when it's done. I'd pay $100 to go out and open them up for 5 minutes....They have to sound amazing. I wonder how many guys you could fit on it reasonably...Would have to be a lot given the fuel consumption...I guess if it were 5 minutes all out and the same fuel use to get in and out of port...wear and tear, maintenance costs...probably need another zero but 5 minutes is only 40 gallons...What is race fuel these days, $5.00/gallon? Would be cool as hell. Need to dig up more useable engines I guess. HHMMmmmmm.
  6. Three 1500 HP, 2500 cubic inch supercharged engines....yeah, that will burn some gasoline in a hurry...Fill-er-up please! That makes an old normally aspirated 707 Mack look little....Crazy Stupid big...got the job done didn't they! Amazing history. Cool Cool Cool!!!!
  7. Oh okay! that makes sense...I was trying to imagine how that would work! Too funny.
  8. Hey small world. That is the guy and the company. I met Burt and his Bride last weekend. My Dad used him to tune up an old model T radiator and patch up the gas tank for the 35 GP John Deere. I brought a buddy there who has a 27 Buick with a similar honeycomb radiator needing testing, flushing and a little repair. He does great work on soldering for sure. I plan to ask him what he thinks on mine and get an idea of cost...I'm afraid of the answer but Burt does good work and is very reasonable so I'm told, and my Dad is discerning and thrifty so...sounds like a good source. I'll let you know. Greg
  9. Cool piece of history there. As for what to do next, are you kidding me? Fix it and make it run...Duh. I love the fact that they picked it up with a Dodge cummins powered truck.
  10. This thread hits close to home. My 815 doesn't leak a bit (Knock on wood!!!) but the fins located bottom center on the fan side are brittle as can be. I'm not sure this is critical as the truck won't really work again or if it means it is on its last legs...I know a good guy in North Hampton NH that I plan to talk to shortly...scared of the answer.
  11. They would be used to haul water to a fire in remote areas that do not have water mains to use and no convenient large body of water near by. I've never seen a tractor trailer tanker like that. Usually they are twin screw longer wheel based units with a tank on board...I think.
  12. Took me a minute to spot the one piece windshield too...yup, A it is. Love the fenders too and the black cab top is unique. SWEET!!!
  13. Jack it up in the middle and pop-rivet that roof back on...some ironing required, and it will be good as new. Your butthole must pucker right up when the trailer makes contact! I know you can see the bridge is too low...if you happen to be paying attention that is.
  14. It's a shame when people cause trouble. Hope someone can talk him back to the group. I know I've appreciated his posts.
  15. Everything is free in America...Didn't you all get the memo? Bernie's adds should be shorter..."I'm going to take all the money and give it to YOU." Simple...and accurate. If the communist or the felon to be get in the office, America is definitely screwed. All of us "BAD" people who work and make money should be ashamed. It's not fair, it's rigged....AHHHHHH!!!!
  16. WHAT? I can't hear you! It's got an 8V92! Speak up!!!
  17. Some good reading there. Thanks for sharing the link.
  18. Shameful behavior. Maybe The Donald can weigh in on this matter...I bet he would have a few choice words for making this activity legal...I didn't need any more persuasion to stay the heck out of there but I guess you don't have to ask.
  19. That's nice. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Wouldn't that put your knees around your chin? Or are some of us running short on legs?
  21. Oh man that is one stupid move there!!! HAHA...Too funny.
  22. Us angry old white guys are responsible for the lions share of technology in the world today...or is that being mean spirited to state? I know, I'm a hater. Cummins makes good stuff. Love the 5.9 I6's both 12 and 24 valve...I have to say turning up the 24 valve makes for one heck of a good engine and a whole lot of fun to drive. Make me less angry.
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