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  1. I don't see a prohibition of a rocket blast zone within the town limits of Gorham, ME according to their zoning rules as long as a rural/agricultural use can be shown for said area. Interesting....
  2. 550 gallons a month!!! Whatcha doing? Racing the entire Don Schumacher team? Have fun keeping the candles lit for the whole run!
  3. OEM for the transmission was GO-B90 which was a mild extreme pressure gear oil. The rear used GO-D90 which was a multi purpose oil. Lots of brands out there so pick your favorite. For hobby use and an occasional trip to the pit, probably could use something like Mobilube HD Plus 80W-90 in both.
  4. 2003 CL713 frame info that I have says cross section is a 13.5" X 3.4" X .39" rail. Section modulus is 25.2 in. 3 (cubed). RBM per rail is 2,772,000 lb. in. Standard frame plus optional inside channel reinforcement. Section modulus 30.90 in. 3 (cubed). RBM per rail 3,399,00 lbs. in.
  5. I don't know where the Autocar came from but I could do some checking around. Clicked the picture May 2016 at the Western Mass show and the truck is located in the Greenfield, MA area.
  6. And get rid of sometimes balky and totally worn out air wiper switches and motors...?
  7. The reason I always heard for juice brakes was there was no room for a conventional air brake chambers while using mega duty suspension and giving some room for everything to oscillate. Big axles, big drums, big springs or big walking beams take up a lot of space.
  8. Get the ride heights specs from the dealer or a good truck shop using your VIN. Park it on a level surface and see what you have for heights in comparison to the factory information.
  9. Yes, we had two meals in the dinning cars at the Red Caboose. At the time of my visit, the cars were rigged up to add motion so it replicated running down the rails! A return trip to the Lancaster area is probably 3-4 years out.
  10. The "Tractor Guy" hauling a Ford and GMC. The Mack isn't powered by a 2 cylinder Johnny Popper.
  11. Scroll down. Global says they have some used. https://www.heavytruckparts.net/search.php?PartID=3295&ManufMake=MACK&
  12. Jake Brake 675/675A are for the 2 valve Mack engine.
  13. I will do a PM middle of the week or so with some info.
  14. Powered with a Mack 510 gasoline engine.
  15. I actually bought four tickets to Paradise but that is a story for another time...
  16. I can take some pics of mine but it is installed. I can also get some rough dimensions. Probably could do it on Wednesday.
  17. Welcome Simon! Like the looks of your weekend ride. You have a bit of brake lock up on the RF. Nothing wrong with driving at 10/10ths!
  18. Interesting. A B733 would have had 262 HP. Sort of funny that the interior picture is from a standard B cab truck not a B with L cab (CA31). Ooops!
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