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  1. So went looked at the truck . The cab is pretty rough shape , Rusty passenger door does not Open one wiper works heater is froze up . Box it pretty beat up. Hood is bad shape. All lights work dump works good has air tail gate release . Had a Jake, hi-lo 6 speed . Diff lock. Says dm600 on the side of the cab . The tag in door says dm611s. It seemed to run and drive fine all fluids looked good, has the American bosh pump,. Fires right up. Comes with another set of steer tires that aren’t caps . On rims. I wanted it but told him I had to think about it and look around more. I offerd 4000 but he said no. What do you guys think?
  2. Wow good eye dident even notice that . Price just went down 😆.
  3. Ok so I’m not a diesel mechanic but I’ll get ahold of somebody. Thanks for the info guys. I’ll look for the tag . Is it worth the 5k if it checks out ? I’ve done some looking on the site and everyone saysthe 237 is a beast .
  4. Thanks that’s good to hear. So it’s a dm-685. I’m going to look at it tommorow hopefully.
  5. Looking for a dump truck to haul rock for friends and myself . And pull a mini ex around. Found this 69 Mack on CL. Don' t know much about Mack’s but fell In love with the truck. So question is what are problem area to look for , parts availability. Anything I should know when I go look at the truck https://eugene.craigslist.org/hvo/d/creswell-1969-mack-10-yard-dump-truck/7142250453.html
  6. Hi everybody. New to Mack trucks I like the old ones best . I’m interested in buying a Mack dump truck and wanted some more information and knowledge before buying so here I am. Have my eye on a 1969 Mack.
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