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    I personally think he is worth my vote and just maybe we could have a chance to regain this country back.
  2. I can't agree with you more . I just hope more people will realize this come November !!!!
  3. Tbear


    I'm sad to here this new ,best wishes and prays to the family.
  4. I thought I'd email you directly with this question. I have a 98 ch 613 with a e460 the lighting bolt comes on at start up with the engine shut down light and the low air light. The low air goes off as it should then the other two stay on . At first they would stay on to the end off the drive way 400' then to the end of the street 1/2 mile then to the freeway 4 miles . Now  they don't shut off at all. Any ideas on what it is and do I need to take it to the dealer ? Let me know when you can and thanks for you time, Ted

  5. How do I find that post?
  6. I pulled a 27000 ish pound rough terrain fork lift for about 6 years on a tandem axel trailer and a single axle baby freightliner 275 horse 9 speed fuller trans my trailer would way around 29000 lbs and the tracker rear axle would way between 14500 and 15200 depending on what I had on the upper deck. But I much prefer my ch613 twin screw in for nothing other than the stability.
  7. Ok Jhancock says the red knob should not pop out when you pull the yellow you say it should I'm confused! My old freightliner the red always come out with the yellow my Mack is about 50/50 my trailer is a2007 Kaufman. I'm thinking the older trucks and trailers are the way JHancock says and maybe the newer stuff is like my old freightliner.The reason I think that is I had a delevery from saia and when that guy set his brakes I heard one pull but saw 2 dust could 1 from the truck and 1from the trailer at the same time. Let me know .
  8. Does it hurt to pull the red knob or does it just release the air in the trailer tank? I ask because some times when I pull the yellow the red comes out with it and some times it does not.
  9. Love the trucks love the barn I hope you enjoy it .
  10. Thanks Paul for reminding us of the sacrifice all those who have fought in that war those be fore and those yet to come. I thank them all that gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live the life we live both here in the US and around the world. Thanks ,Ted
  11. Thanks for the pics I always love looking at the old trucks
  12. I think in any company's success, it always boils down to everything that Zenon said, And I think it always comes down to the people down the line that really make things happen.
  13. I love the history lesson every time I read these threads thanks for the info
  14. I'm a big fan of re use when it makes sense . To turn a good truck to ruble is just wrong. i guess that is what we get when we live in a throw away society.
  15. Thanks for the pictures, love the old diamond t's . I learned in an old 62 dump. The old Mack that's for sale is pretty cool also. Thanks again for the pictures.
  16. Paul some pretty cool old photos and the sound track wasn't bad either
  17. Tbear

    Diamond T

    Pretty pretty trucks.
  18. Tbear


    I loved those old auto cars.they always seemed to be real beefy like a monster off road truck.
  19. Kansas farmer I'm jealous I hope to have mine that nice someday nice truck.
  20. Tbear


    And that one scares the hell out of me.
  21. your ac system should have a coil in front of or behind your radiator could it be clogged which would prevent air passing though it which can cause the system to freeze. I see this in house systems from time to time and when we clean the coils the system starts to work with out freezing up. Maybe this will help.
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    So how do you get the liberal voter to see this.is it that we have so many "gimmes " out ther that they just out number the honest working man? What can we do as a colleceteret to get the liberal bunch to see that our libertys are one by one being taken away.
  23. Not to mention the rear springs. Looks like you could pack about any thing you wanted on that one.
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