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  1. I would say that you wouldn't need to use a CAC at all plus with the 12V you'll need all of the cooling space you can get. While it would help, the plumbing would be a nightmare. Are you going to detune the engine at all or run it as is? Gen-set engines, and especally a T engine would have high output injectors that are desinged to flow the most amount of fuel at a constant high RPM, not the best for a truck. You'll end up washing out the kits and slobering. Do you have any pics of the engine you're working with or if you could give me the serial number I could tell you what injectors are in it. The number will start with 12VA******. Sounds like a neat project. Love to help you out.
  2. Anyone have pics of N-model cabovers in any condition? The Budd cab Macks?
  3. Just a thought, but 2-cycle Detroit's never required a charge air cooler. The turbo feed directly into the blower and some models had intercoolers. But to install a 12V71 with a CAC would be unnessary. Just a thought.
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