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  1. Yea, the old boy is about as Texan as you can get too. He apologized several times about the bumper being on there as some neighbor kid he let drive the truck for a short while put it on it. He has the old original B bumper in chrome. Mike, I did end up with ol G model too. Neat story on it as well. I could never get anyone to call me back on that sleeper on CL Let me know where to send donations to MTAA and when the next local chapter meeting is!!!! I could really benefit from it!!
  2. I feel fortunate to have driven a 6cyl maxidyne with a 5spd. It is a driving experience like no other engine/ tranny combo can give you. Especially when it hits that sweet spot and the torque kicks in.
  3. Thanks! What a great time in trucking history that had to have been,.
  4. Not sure exactly how that country song goes about the fact that sometimes you should be thankful for unanswered prayers ......but I pray everyday not to buy another damn old Mack truck. My brother's Truck'n neighbor in PA tracked this ol girl down in Texas so I just had to make a deal. It comes with a 36" and a nice 60" Mercury too. The original V8 it is in as well. The old boy claims to be the 2nd owner and trucked for years with it. No rust either which is a real plus.
  5. Mike, There was a study done by a leading institution at the time and they determined that a light frost/mint green was the most productive and easiest on the eye color. I painted many a plant interior this color during the 70's and 80's. It was a big deal then and put a lot of bread on my table!!! sort of like the red map reading lights in early aircraft.............that is now all gone and we use bright LED's.
  6. How far from Walcotts are you?
  7. It takes a huge amount of capital to finance a complete truck manufacturer like Mack was. And with all of the government intervention from emissions to safety it just probably piled up to high. I look back when the CH line was introduced it was a well engineered truck that in many ways was ahead of it' time in assembly, comfort, and aerodynamics. I bet the move to South Carolina combined with too slow of development of the updated in line 6 is what really did them in. Just think if CAT would have bought them or even a Ford or?? instead of Volvo.............
  8. It seems any make of heavy hauler starts out really high new and then drops. It probably is due to 1. if you need a truck like that you have the money to buy new. 2. you have the money because you are doing well and need the depreciation. 3. you have depreciated it out and will pay taxes on the sale price. 4. A lot of big strappers buy more truck than they can handle and it gets repo'd?? just my thoughts.
  9. stay away from the shop in Wisconsin (32 chrome?)........bad news there.
  10. Looks Great! What an era when Mack was able to promote and distinguish Mack only components.
  11. I was told by Glen who I bought the Aussie Valueliner from that the reason they prefer the turntable fifth wheel is it is easier to back up multiple trailers. Also in Australia they use a different style of pintle hitch which he also said aids in backing easier.
  12. That sure seemed like a fair piece of business to me! With the drive train and overall condition it would be tough to find another one like it. How was the drive home in it?
  13. It was neat to read about my best buddies Norm and Jane and Ron Waltenspiel and his side kick Stephen in the last issue. Norm and Jane have been organizing the Delta run for some years now. Not too often that a west coast deal makes the DC!. Norm or Mr Mack as I call him is a very knowledgeable Mack man and nice to have out here on the left coast.
  14. guys, I contacted Jack McDevitt today and will post his response to the V8 emblems. Stand by............... I am in the UAE for another week so limited communicaaa.
  15. call McDevitt Mack in New Hampshire..........I hear they made a mold and casted quite a few of them. Good folks there so let em know you are a Mack man and working on an old rig.
  16. I think the U came out in 64 and in all rights it is an R model of sorts?
  17. The Mustang H model has the original western air on the driver and tag. I have the manuals for it. Western was sold to Peterbilt.
  18. There was an electronic version in Australia at the end of the V8 run, in fact the 90 V8 Valueliner I have from Australia also came with a cruise control.........just pull out the throttle !!!
  19. when you refer to aluminum rails would that be from a splice located under the cab? it would have still had the steel rails in the front right? In this picture you can see a splice. I was told that the truck came with aluminum rails but was replaced with steel.
  20. Thanks!! I will contact him
  21. one of my best buddies is ol Norm Tuanton from Galt, CA!!! That was his Dad's truck and he saw that his cousin Ivan got it. I saw it many times and it was a cool truck. I called Norm and told him of your post here. he would love to see some pics on how Ivan is doing with it.
  22. I occasionally drive sitting on the "right side of the cabin" but I would have hell to pay if I drove on the "right" side of the road over here!!!
  23. what can you gross with that setup? what are the specs for the drive train? are you happy?
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