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  1. Not mine and know nothing. https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/cto/d/brockway-128l-classic-truck-flatbed/6807726272.html
  2. Over the last few years I remember this being talked about on here. Everything is doable, but if I remember right the dimensions at the firewall where off pretty much.
  3. What can you leagely gross with it?
  4. Gonna need a bigger barrel smoker if she brought a buffalo home for ya.
  5. The purple polish is not a miricale polish or anything, but comparing it to something like mothers it's a lot easier.
  6. Around election time I answer the political calls and ask about there stand on legalizing prostitution. They usually hang up pretty quick.
  7. I think the vision I drive was also under the dash behind the pedal.
  8. B67 has a 7" shorter front fenderd then the standard B61. Idk the hood diffrence. I'm guessing 7" also.
  9. Diamond plate destroys buffer wheels. When my dad works on my boxes the strings fly off the wheels. We where told that a piece of carpet works good for hand polishing diamond plate. This is the polish we use to go over everything. It works pretty good.
  10. I like the long hood R's better then the superliners. Just never seen many of them around here.
  11. How long is the box? Looks long with the lift axle right behind the cab. Not what I'm used to seeing around here.
  12. Buddy scrapped 2 5-tons at this place back in summer. Last I heard they still had them sitting there. Idk what models or anything like that. They were at the paxinos yard. It's central Pa.
  13. Are you using modern drive train parts, or by saying correct you mean original period correct ones?
  14. How do you like your Massey? They just started selling them local, but idk anyone that has one. I have a BX kubota and have thought about going a little bigger. Only concern I have is I have a 60" belly mower, and it all I now with.
  15. I think it was from find it parts.com their site got complicated to look at from my phone, but they have pretty good deals sometimes.
  16. I've looked at stuff from other places and had it added to my shopping cart. I didn't purchase at that time, and a few day later I get an email reminding me about the stuff I left in my cart and offered me a discount.
  17. You should eliminate the vents and put 1 piece glass in the doors like the guys do to 67-72 chevy trucks.
  18. What's the blueish boxy thing in the center of this pic?
  19. If I remember I think Alex had a new one for a R for sale not long ago.
  20. I have dual 6"'on my B. my top sections are removable so it fits in garage door. With them removed the stacks are level with the top of the cab and its very loud. Sometimes exhaust will loop around and come into windows. With the top sections on I don't hear the exhaust unless echoing off buildings, and get no fumed. The big stacks give it a nice deep sound and the non turbo part gives it almost a v8 sound to it. I get lots of compliments on the sound from old truckers around here. If staying with single exhaust I'd just use 5", 6" would look out of place to me.
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