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  1. Anyone? Have to load soon if going to Macungie. Make an offer
  2. It all depends on how my iPhone was turned when I snapped the pic. if it will post correctly or not. I don’t remember which way I have to hold it though.
  3. I’ve only been there on Saturday. That being said if you want to see everything it is a very busy day and not enough time to actually look at everything. Like Brocky said at 3 it’s pretty much a steady parade leaving.
  4. Cleaned the B up and brought it local fire co. car show today. Even got my new grote led headlights in. I had to buy a calendar from “Firehouse Dolls” but it got me a photo with one of the girls!👍🏻
  5. Me too. $200 a year. $10,000 full coverage and an extra Ryder for unlimited towing of trailers.
  6. I don’t want to touch it but would love to see and hear it.
  7. They are a beast but the front axle needs to be about a foot further forward.
  8. Jack it up, put it in neutral, turn the tire, and count the revolutions of the driveshaft for 1 revolution of the tire. It will get you an idea if you accurately make the yoke and wheel before you start turning.
  9. Looks like the bottom 10wheeler is doing some high speed cornering
  10. I have 2 steering, and 2 outside drives with 2 steel insides. Wheels have 6, 10.00x20 Michelins, 2 steering tires have some cracking and the 4 matching drives have been flat spotted from looks like being drug. I can bring with to macungie. $425. It was raining when I took the pictures. They where off an old firetruck.
  11. That does look like a period correct tire.
  12. Same to you and everyone else🐰
  13. If I remember the story right a local garage here “A&L diesel” was a reo dealer and somehow got hooked up with the Harrisburg plant building gliders. Supposedly they where the ones that started putting the air cooled motors in for them. I heard this through story from old timers so it my not be 100% correct. I think from my understanding the diamond reo’s where mostly made as per ordered.
  14. They where made local here in Harrisburg, Pa. idk if they where made other places or not. My scrapper buddies have one with a v8 air cooled deutz.
  15. I thought I rembered you where from philly area. I’m from about 40 miles north of Harrisburg along the Susquehanna river.
  16. On the other side of that one is the 8341 spicer I was going to run with it.
  17. Not exactly sure what it is other then an Eaton. the tag is missing on that one. Has a #2 bellhousing, think it’s a 14” single disc clutch, was out of a f800 I think. Had a 5.9 in front of it. Was going to use with my 8.3 until I found the rto6613
  18. Buddy with garage said he will give it 300-350 and around 1000ftlb very reasonably
  19. It’s replacing my 673 in the B. I got a rto6613 to go behind it. I found a steering box I think will work to move it to the outside of the frame and add power steering. Going to go do some measuring today on the box.
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