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  1. He all. Brand new to the site and pretty excited. I get to bring home my 89 superliner dump tomorrow. The hand prime pump is leaking. Is this a simple straight forward fix? I am hoping it is as simple as replacing o rings. Any info on this would be helpful before I dive in. The truck loses prime after sitting a few days and it seems this is the place to start. Thanks again Greg
  2. Bought me a Mack

    Well I did it. I pulled the trigger on a Superliner with an e9. Its a dump truck and will be used for work. It is a two owner truck and was a log truck before a dump truck. The truck needs a bit of tlc but I am Happy about my purchase. I have been reading forums on this site to help me make up my mind if this truck would be a good fit for me. Thanks to all for your posts and future posts. Greg