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  1. NIDE9

    12 speed service

    I tried putting it in 1 first but to no avail. Could the air line be blocked?
  2. NIDE9

    12 speed service

    Ok so I thought I bought a manual on eBay but I guess I didn’t confirm payment and some one else got it. We have pretty lousy internet out here in the country. I’ll find another some where. I’m not able to get the deep reduction to work. I place the truck in 1 and flip the switch on dash and all I hear is air at the dash switch. Where do I start?
  3. NIDE9

    12 speed service

    Thanks for all the replies. I ordered the manual off eBay. We had two feet of snow over the last weekend. I have been plowing snow and sadly have not had time to service the trans. Thanks again for all your input. One day I hope to be able to chime in and give a guy a hand or some useful advice on his truck.
  4. NIDE9

    12 speed service

    Wow thanks for the reply. I have only been driving it for a month or so. I’m sure with more miles in the seat I’ll get the hang of it or not. I love the tranny. I found the air filter but I can’t read the numbers on it to look one up. The truck sat for a bit and was only lightly used the last few years. I’m just freshening her up. By end of spring I hope to have new juice and filters front to back. Thanks again for your reply
  5. I would like to service my 12 speed. I am looking for fluid capacity and I cant seem to find an air filter canister for it. Is there a downloadable link to a manual for this tranny? This tranny doesn't seem to like down shifting with the splitter very smoothly. Any tips?
  6. NIDE9

    Steering u joint and DOT

    There is no twisting slop at all. I am going to put new u joints on it and sign it off. There is a very small amount of play in the drag link. Mack wants 500.00 for one. Yikes I cant find after market for it either.
  7. He All. First off I hope I am posting this in the correct place. Second, I Love my New to me Mack! I had a Dot inspection done at a local shop today. All went well except the tech said I needed to replace Drag link needs replaced and a few small exhaust leaks. He also said I had too Much play in my slip joint on the steering column. All these things were marked and need repaired for DOT. My Question is Regarding the slip joint. There is movement in the shaft due to the length it has to span to reach the u joints closer to the gear box. Is there supposed to be some sort of support for this shaft inside of the fire wall. I have a rubber boot on the outside of firewall only. Does this make sense? The truck is a 1989 superliner with an e9. I am going to replace the u joints, but Not Sure about this slip joint. Any help would be Great. BTW the shop has a good reputation, but the Guy doing the inspection was a bit younger than My truck.
  8. NIDE9

    v pump primer leak e9

    I removed and cleaned primer. The Leak is gone and it starts every time.
  9. He all. Brand new to the site and pretty excited. I get to bring home my 89 superliner dump tomorrow. The hand prime pump is leaking. Is this a simple straight forward fix? I am hoping it is as simple as replacing o rings. Any info on this would be helpful before I dive in. The truck loses prime after sitting a few days and it seems this is the place to start. Thanks again Greg
  10. NIDE9

    Bought me a Mack

    Well I did it. I pulled the trigger on a Superliner with an e9. Its a dump truck and will be used for work. It is a two owner truck and was a log truck before a dump truck. The truck needs a bit of tlc but I am Happy about my purchase. I have been reading forums on this site to help me make up my mind if this truck would be a good fit for me. Thanks to all for your posts and future posts. Greg

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