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  1. I know nothing about these model trucks but if the foot brake valve is for air brakes and you know what the valve is check on eBay.   I bought a new one for my b and it wasn’t that bad of $, if I remember correctly.   

  2. On 6/23/2019 at 7:56 AM, Vladislav said:


    Many thanks for posting, as always its interesting to see the environment over your travels.

    And also good to know you was having a nice time. Say hello to your better half.

    A question - what is that setup on the second B in the museum? I have never been a big fan of B53's with those special front hubs but that creature looks absolutely amazing.

    I believe  it’s a setup just to move garbage dumpsters around from one location to another.  

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  3. 2 hours ago, Maddog13407 said:

    lots of nice truck there.amazes me that I know I walked and walked and walked and then someone posts a pic of a truck I never seen at the show. I have a gabbing problem when I walk around..... left my wife at the truck and came back a few times and hour or two later only to tell her I was just twenty feet away...….

    Same here.   We walked forever and then watching the parade leave we see truck we never saw.  

  4. Dad keeps all his stuff in a cardboard box on a shelf.  The rouge he keeps kinda wrapped in the plastic it comes in.   It’s in a clean place not under a workbench.     He keeps the brush handy while buffing a periodicly leaves the buffer run and holds the brush against the wheel.  I don’t think he has ever washed a wheel, and they do wear out.  They keep getting smaller if you do diamond plate it’s pretty ruff on the wheels. There are different color wheels and  rouge it determines how course they are.   Idk the difference outher then his red wheel is really course.  

  5. Like said before.  It takes time to learn how to use them.    Local guy had one and I could use the bars and do it quicker then he could for awhile.     But once he figured out he liked it.  

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  6. Don’t use to high of speed, it can kinda burn the aluminum and give it blueish spots.    My dad has a dewalt buffer he uses.   Bought it prob 15 years ago.  Held up great.   He has a stainless wire brush he uses to clean the wheels.  To much build up in them makes thing not work right.   Don’t use to ruff of wheels or course of ruge either.  

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