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  1. If I remember the story right a local garage here “A&L diesel” was a reo dealer and somehow got hooked up with the Harrisburg plant building gliders.   Supposedly they where the ones that started putting the air cooled motors in for them.  I heard this through story from old timers so it my not be 100% correct.   I think from my understanding the diamond reo’s where mostly made as per ordered.  

  2. Not exactly sure what it is other then an Eaton.  the tag is missing on that one.   Has a #2 bellhousing, think it’s a 14” single disc clutch, was out of a f800 I think. Had a 5.9 in front of it.    Was going to use with my 8.3 until I found the rto6613

  3. It’s replacing my 673 in the B.   I got a rto6613 to go behind it.  I found a steering box I think will work to move it to the outside of the frame and add power steering.   Going to go do some measuring  today on the box.  

  4. 31 minutes ago, JoeH said:

    Not real savvy on IDing motors, but I'm guessing Cummins?

    Yes.  8.3l 505 cubic inch.  6ct.     Basically a big brother to what’s in the dodge pickups.   As I type this I think I’m in your back yard.  I’m switching trailers at the Lowes in Havertown.   

  5. Our great governor in Pa just passed something that actually helps me.    Pickups towing trailers over 10,000 no longer need to be licensed combination as long as it is recreational and not for buisness.  This will save me about $400 a year on my pickup tags.   Just can’t exceed mfg tow ratings. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Mack Technician said:

    The pics off my iPhone 6 are always sideways to the normal perspective. The best way I have found, so far, is to send my pic to my Gmail at a reduced size and post off my Gmail. Otherwise I send them to my laptop, reduce the file's size and upload with few issues.

    Tried sending them through gmail to myself at the small size and that worked👍🏻

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  7. 4 hours ago, KKERGALL said:

    Do you have S/N# off trans and how much $ for trans ? Rich

    I can get you the info.  There is s tag on the convertor and tranny that say something like Allison reman.    I know absolutely nothing about it’s condition.   It was in a wrecked rear engine school bus behind a 8.3 Cummins.  I didn’t see the bus either.    I’m in central Pa. zip is 17830.    Make me an offer and come get it.   

  8. 5 hours ago, hatcity said:

    No DAMN IT!!!!   that RGN mechanical or whatever.

    I’ll agree with ya,  looks like a pain. With no experience I’d think a non ground bearing hydraulic one would be a lot easier.  

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  9. My 8.3 Cummins I just bought is plumbed right into the intake.   It has a valve”forget the name” on the air compressor where the small filter would be,that limits the amount of pressure it will take so it doesn’t take all the turbo boost on a pull

  10. Thanks.  I was thinking convertor would just pull out of the front of the tranny.  I’m not reinstalling only wanted engine.  It’s sitting on my trailer may just pull starter so I have a bigger hole to work through. 

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