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  1. I like the wrecker in front of it. Holmes 750 extendable booms with a drag winch. Put a maxidyne 5 speed in front of that winch and it will pull hell backwards, absolute winching machine. About second gear is almost the same speed as the 750. The three lines together with some snatch blocks will shame these modern hydraulic trucks. My 1945 Reo got to help a modern wrecker with a sunk end loader. Modern wrecker pulled up to the limit and quit pulling. Reo kept going and came out with the submerged loader to the surprise of young operator impressed with his new truck. When the weight of the wrecker axle pushes down on the scotch blocks chained into the body something is going to happen.
  2. Have replaced interior once on open cab fire truck and needs it again. It sits outside and even with good tarps a lot of water gets in. A friend of mine was working on his 56 Thunderbird and asked me to help him set the top on it. Got to thinking what if I made a set on convertible top for the fire truck?. So I got an R model top and made one this morning. Like the Thunderbird I wanted something that would just set on and could be set off without destroying the originality of the truck. Did it this morning .and ok for first attempt. Actually fits pretty good. need to do some more trimming to mesh it in to windshield frame. R model is about 3 inches wider outside than the LS but inside is same because of spacer. (that's why interior or R model fit so well into interior of my LF wrecker) It appears from the LS had two pipe holders at the back of the open cab and clamps on the back of the front of the windshield top. This truck had something guessing canvas or homemade cover. Don't know if this came from Mack or just something somebody made. Anybody know anything about these? I attach a picture of my Thunderbird type add on we cut this morning and set on. Anybody ever done anything like this?
  3. Got it out finally. Like new. Have all the hardware and bolts Things weigh 46 pounds. Want to call me 770-486-9258
  4. we actually gpt the back off today. Gear looks like new. Started taking top off case to get internals and the bottom fell out been raining ever since
  5. R model Interior in an L model. Really dressed the old girl up/
  6. Speaking of R model interiors, they will work with just a dremel tool and some imagination in an LF cab. Exterior wise my LF was sharp. Interior wise the proverbial sows ear. Got to measuring and it works. Thanks tp Jordan Raney at Sparr Truck Parts and the lady at Michaels hobby and crafts
  7. Starting to take this thing apart. Interesting just to figure out how it is put together
  8. ok let me see about getting this apart. i am in Atlanta and you are in california. cost so much on a freight truck you could buy a new truck. i have had real good luck on craigslist rideshare finding people going across the country in pick up trucks or vans wanting extra gas money. i got a mack grill from tucson az to atlanta for $75. everybody was happy. i can see about taking this apart but you might want to start looking. i post an ad: truck part needs a ride, doesnt have to stop and pee etc. just b s and eventually i find somebody. i am only about 10 miles from the Atlanta airport and I 285 can meet somebody,
  9. sorry typo thats back of the duplex or in the back of the transmission itself?
  10. Hi again. I looked. This is a TRD duplex. I got it out of a fire truck for the engine. The idiot removed it with an end loader breaking the ears on the transmission case. Is this in the read of the duplux hi/lo shifter or in the transmission itself? This is a TRD . The part number on an attached plate to the hi/low shifter box is 2227583 if that helps. Never took one apart but this would be a good candidate since the case is busted and probably had little use as a fire truck.
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