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    Grew up driving a Mack all through college. Senior Government Economist who still plays with old Macks

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  1. exactly but made by Reo. Saved from a barn in South Carolina after its owner died.
  2. Making Progress on my LF. Need a bunch of little stuff. Does anybody know of an LFs or LJs for parts. Foot brake valve, glove box door, bunch of little stuff. Tom in Atlanta
  3. Been doing some work for Pinewood Studios. Watch the movies and you'll see it in action.
  4. Hi Making significant Progress on the LF. Need a bunch of little stuff, three way foot brake valve. Just put a new fuel tank on it off a freightliner, Anybody know of some for parts? IMG-20181017-00121.thumb.jpg.2ab45b83e337333d1391c46ac3bbf3e1.jpgt brake valve, mines corroded solid. 

  5. A rodent of some type made itself a home behind the speedometer in my 40 LF and I have chewed up wires that don't connect to anything. Does anyone have a wiring schematic for a 48 50 LFT? Greatly Appreciate any help. Wrecker Rebuilder in Atlanta
  6. I am restoring a 1949 LF. I need foot brake valve, the inner door glass window garnishments (that hold the door windows in place when rolled up), main bearings for another 510 engine I am rebuilding (for another truck). If you want to see an interesting picture google Winecoff hotel fire and look at the picture of the front of the Mack fire truck. That's one I saved. Don't know if the foot (air not hydraulic) brake valve is the same on an LF as a B does anybody know if it is? If a B is the same anybody got one of those? Tom in Atlanta
  7. Thanks EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!! Mine says 505 stamped on it but I think its a 510A.
  8. Posted under engine but will post here since more people seem to read it. I am restoring a 1949 LF with a 505 engine. Anybody got the specs for this engine? Machine shop needs them. Tom in Atlanta
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