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  1. Skidz

    LJ Fenders

    I'm needing repairable L Model fenders if anyone knows of some. Preferably LJ with the extended front.
  2. Hey everybody!! Hope all is making it through these crazy times!! Its time for me to start on restoring my 52 LJ and I want to start rounding up everything I can. I'd like to start trying to find all the cab seals first to see what available. Does anyone have any info on where the best place to start?? I need them All but will take what I can get or an alternative? Thanks !!
  3. That was great information and thank you! I am needing the LJ fenders with the extension for the Cummins engine. I have 2 pair but need more work than I would like to put into them. If anyone knows of a good set let me know. Thank you all for the help and info!!!!
  4. Does anyone know what years are interchangeable with 51 LJ fenders?
  5. Thanks guys!! I’ve had to fix em up for everyone else over the years and just now finally able to do one for myself. I’ll keep you posted from start to finish.
  6. I have been a Diesel guy for a lot of years and know from first hand experience that the low sulfur fuel does reduce the life of an engine. I don’t claim to know it all but it does have less lubrication quality causing Premature fuel pump and injector wear and causes your exhaust temps to skyrocket in some cases thus killing your turbo life. Everyone is correct with putting an additive with your fuel and a cheep transmission fluid does do the job fine. Not only will it add the lubricant back to the fuel the detergents in it will keep your injectors clean. I don’t recommend much in an Emissions
  7. Hello everyone in Mack land!! I am new to the site but an old Mack lover at heart. I have recently acquired a 1951 LJ and am interested in any parts that anyone wants to part with. I desperately need a driver side front fender for starters but I’d like to start collecting whatever I can find for it so I can use the best of the best to make it as nice as possible. If you have or know of anyone that has anything give me a shout! Thank you all for your time!!!
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