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  1. That's got to be the same truck that was at the York show a few years ago. Sounds like you all are having a fun vacation.
  2. Looks like one of OD's seat cover shots.
  3. HarryS

    RIP Dozer

    Really sorry to hear of your loss. He was a good lookin' dog that had a great life.
  4. Thanks. Great pictures. Next best thing to being there.
  5. Thanks for the pictures. It is so hard to imagine the contrast from what we see here back to 1944.
  6. Me neither. Actually it is pretty touching.
  7. Definitely sharp. Too nice to call a "rat rod".
  8. Ahh! Seat covers and red trucks.
  9. Ed, Looks like a nice show. Several nice looking Bs.
  10. Chris, Welcome and congratulations on your special purchase. Can you post some pictures here for those of not on Facebook?
  11. I was expecting something a little different (lol).
  12. Happy Birthday! Keep the birthdays and pictures coming.
  13. Too bad. VA's loss, Maine's gain.
  14. He's always fun to watch and wonder what it would be like to never have a problem finding parts. Thanks for posting.
  15. Most of the prices were high (at least IMO). Kind of like "I don't really want to sell it" prices.
  16. ...looks like the pictures didn't show up. I'll try again. I got a failed message so here is the website: https://www.classicautomall.com/vehicles
  17. I was at the Classic Car Mall in Morgantown, PA today. This is a huge shopping mall that went bust and was purchased by a collector. There are about 500 cars & trucks of all description. Most are for sale some are consignments.
  18. Sounds like something cool. Can't wait to see the picture.
  19. I was wondering the same thing. I did not see the truck at the Winchester show this past fall.
  20. Up & Over! Good Luck.
  21. ...they certainly qualify for the title of this thread.
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