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  1. Well, that wasn't too bad. I drilled through the casting, and removed the ball/spring detent from the top. Photos attached ...
  2. Thanks for helping me make my point. Once I've positioned a strong magnet to pull things in the proper direction, I'll try again to rotate the shaft.
  3. I think this is an important point. If only we'd had the conversation before I let the ball and spring fall down into the notch! I'll use your idea of prayer along with a strong magnet, and see what happens.
  4. Wow! Thanks to every one of you for the great replies!! Carlotpilot: I'm going to try your magnet idea, first. Freightrain: If that doesn't pan out, I think I'll take your "drill/tap/plug" suggestion. eddeere: Thanks for your enthusiasm over the truck! Tires are by General, supplied by S&S Tire of Puyallup, WA. Front: Grabber OA 385/65 R22.5 Rear: 11R22.5 Freightrain: Yep - that video shows the process. Soon after I bought my truck, I met Brian Vaughn, owner of Classic Reflections (www.classic-reflections.com), an automotive restoration shop near where I live. He has a big trailer-mounted dustless blasting machine, and I hired him to strip the chassis and running gear. Again - Thank you all for your input. I'll keep you posted!! -Doug-
  5. Hello, everyone! I've had an account here for a couple of years, and I've enjoyed following the discussions. Thank you for the informative reading. Now I'm stuck - and it's my own fault. But I'm hoping for some constructive suggestions. I'm restoring a '59 Mack H653LT with a Triplex transmission. The truck hadn't run for five years or so, when I bought it, in September 2015. I got it running during the Spring of 2017 - that's a story in itself. But it runs great. I've been able to drive it short distances, though I soon determined that the 5-speed was stuck in 2nd, and the 3-speed was stuck in Direct. Everything was so caked with grease and dirt I couldn't see much, but that clued me that the time had come for some serious clean-up. Got the chassis and underside of cab stripped clean by a friend with "dustless blasting" equipment, this past September. Painted all exposed metal with flat black chassis primer, and moved on. Both shift levers were badly worn - slotted hole for pivot augured out, pivot pin necked down. A friend tidied them up by TIG-welding replacement metal into the holes and then milling them back to original slot dimensions on his Bridgeport. He even furnished a pair of hardened pins - a complete success. But that's when I discovered that the mechanisms actuated by the shift levers were bound up, due to rust and dirt-packed grease, external to the gearboxes themselves. I got the 5-speed section cleaned up and working smoothly, and then tackled the 3-speed (For anyone not familiar with the geography, that's the portion at the right-hand side in the "TriPlex" photo.) Based on my experience with the 5-speed, I imagined that the actuator shafts were bound up. These enter the 3-speed at its "lower-left corner" in the photo. After talking with an actual mechanic (not a "hobbyist" like myself) I got up the courage to remove the top cover - simple as pie. No problem. You can see it upside down on my bench, in the "TopCover" photo. Over a weekend, I dosed the shafts a bunch of times with penetrating oil ("Aero Kroil") and finally they began to free-up. In fact, things were going so well, before I knew it, I'd managed to pull one of the shafts nearly all the way out of the housing! I wanted to inspect it - and also the "detent" mechanism, which seemed way too stiff (Worn out?). And this is where I made the mistake that put me in my "Quandry" - As I attempted to remove the shaft from the case, I inadvertently rotated it to the point where the detent mechanism (ball-and-spring?) found its way into the milled slot near the end of the shaft. (You can see it, if you zoom in on the upper right-hand corner of the "TopCover" photo). Now the shaft is trapped! I can move it in or out about an inch - until I hit the end of the slot. I can rotate the shaft either direction - until the flat side of the slot runs up against the "ball" - or whatever it is. Can someone give me the number of the nearest "Triplexes-R-Us" so I can pick up another set of parts? Oh .... No? That's what I thought! So my "Quandry": The parts I have are irreplaceable! I don't want to risk damaging anything - but I do want to continue making progress. What should I do? Thanks in advance! -Doug- (The Draggin thing is a nickname from another life!)
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