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  1. I'll have a good supply of Vegemite on hand for you, LOL. It will be funny to watch your face as you try it. LOL Paul
  2. Paul, this is truly amazing to me. I have thought about replying for a day or so but don't wanna start any do gooder BS. But then I thought, stuff em. You have done something all those years that would have been nervous and exciting all at the same time and been and lived in a place I have always wanted to visit and have a good look at. I reckon you have done more living than most of us will ever do and I am in awe of people like you and your wife that shift to a strange land, and its not a land like Australia or the US where your future is fairly certain or at least that's the way it appears to me. One day if I ever get to your part of the world, it would be really interesting to sit down and have yarn about life over there. Thank you for sharing a small snippet of your life with us. Paul
  3. looks like no rust so I gather Russia doesnt use salt like the US on its roads it sure would stand out from the crowd !!! Your gunna need a bigger Shed Vlad Paul
  4. Yep, I'm impressed. They are a huge truck to me and I have no doubt they were well built. I had never heard of them till the other day. Thanks for the info. Paul
  5. Hey Swishy, I do wonder how good Vagina-mite actually cleans white clothing and remove the smudge does it just cover it up with a big black smudge "see stain gone " LOL But yeah, the top paragraph says it all. if you weren't brought up on it, I don't think you will ever really get it. I myself reckon its the ducks guts, but that's just me. Other more inferior taste-budded people of the household. One past time I enjoy at breakfast use my knife in Vagina-mite first and then bung it in the jam and honey just to spread the taste it really gets the faces frowned on those that don't love it LOL. Paul
  6. Black sticky stuff, LOL. It's beef extract and salt I think, but I don't think anyone really knows. A bit like KFC's 7 secret herbs and spices Paul
  7. Dont you worry its not just Americans they want dead I reckon we need to bring back the treason laws and sort this shit out sooner rather than later Anyway back on to one of the true miracles of the modern world "Vegemite" dunno what they were thinking when they made it but I love it on my slice your own doormat toast for breaky each morning that and a cuppa will put lead in your pencil and get you thru a day Paul
  8. I really hope for everyones sake that Trump does sort the mess out and gets the US up and running again I really hope he doesnt squander this once countries life to get it back on the right track again I really hope he does but if he buggers it up the chance will never arise again Paul
  9. incorrect they the muslim people and their doo gooder friends are the ones with the prejudices by demanding we change to suit them I was quite happy with out been required to eat Halal food Paul
  10. says you and I guess you sell uranium to ISIS if it was a good business sense If you actually read what I have written its not about the money its about whats right and our country and our freedom maybe you can be bought for a few dollars I cant and I dont believe most Australians can either Paul
  11. You poor misguided person. As the world's population keeps growing, places like Australia are the bread baskets of the world. We produce a lot more food than we'll ever eat, and the potential is mind boggling of this great land. What you fail to understand is if the world's food producers refuse to become Halal certified, the Muslim community will have only two choices: Disregard halal foods and eat food like the rest of the world, or starve think about it !!!!!!! And as far as intolerance goes, aren't the Muslim people the intolerant ones demanding we change our way of life and beliefs to suit them ????? And this alleged trillion dollar market is a bit like saying "well, we can make billions off dealing in cocaine or ice, so let's change the law and legalize it just to make a few bucks". We shouldn't give up our country or our freedom for a few dollars. You may think it's okay for the US to well bullow for you and the US, but that crap won't wash down here. Paul
  12. In a country where we don't put religion first because of all the dramas, it causes, yeah, it is a problem when you start putting one religion first. Putting any religion above our way of life and demanding a country change is a threat to the freedom of that country and its people, a threat to what if you want to choose not to buy Halal certified food because of your beliefs you cant. You do gooders have given that freedom away so you can feel all warm and fluffy inside we have given to much of our freedoms away and be stuffed. If we are gonna keep on doing this, as my Grand mother says, "Thousands of men gave their lives for the freedom we all enjoy, don't give it away, don't ever give your freedom away", and yet we do to try and accommodate one and all. And then when we say no more you fruit loops, have the hide to tell us we are intolerant ?????????????????????? FFS really ??? Paul
  13. The only fact you presented was you're talking out your ass about another country and facts you know very little about. And the fact you call me intolerant. Perhaps do some research before calling me or any other Australian intolerant you knob head. Or as we say out here, "shut you ass and give your mouth ago" Anyway the sun's up a tractor is calling me. I'm not wasting any more of this break in the weather to deal with this bull shit. Have a great day Paul
  14. Well our good old MP Bob Katter giving the low down on the Vegemite "you tell them Bob"