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Our New Wrecker Is Just About Done!

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Well, here are some pics of or CH frame up restoration! She's startin to look pretty good. The last step is company graphics and she'll be ready to go to work.

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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Barry, Nice job you and the guys have done.I remember in 87 the mack dealer I worked for put a glider together in our spare time it took two years. Now go make MONEY



Thanks for hearing me out.

You can have the soap box now---------JIM

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Thanks for the pics Barry,

I don't know about everyone else thats working on a project but seeing your big project on the wheels, running and ONLY needing lettering is inspiring to me. I think we are still some months away on our "B" but I feel we can see the light at the end of the (seems like a never ending) tunnel.

Great job Barry, looking forward to the action pics.

Jim T.

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Fine lookin' hook you've got there Barry. What's the specs on the rear axle? I worked for a towing outfit years ago and know that there's a formula for the distance from the axle to the hook divided by or something by the cab to axle distance by something else that equalled the weight a wrecker could carry. The single axles could carry more but the tandems could stop better with that extra brake axle. Anyway that's a fine lookin' hook that I'll bet can handle a serious load. Bob

Ain't a Mack? Take it back!

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