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  1. I've got a B-61T that's been stretched and a 18' flatbed added at my uncle's house in Blue Ridge Ga. It needs a ride to my father in laws in Camden, TN It ran the last time I was there and he says he's been starting it regular, so it should drive right on the trailer.
  2. Those are good looking buses. Good to see the old stuff still working.
  3. That is one good lookin truck. That painter sure deserves and atta boy.
  4. That's a good looking truck. Now all we need are some pics of it pullin something heavy.
  5. This would make for a bad day. They had several wreckers in on this job, here's one that might intrest you... Here is the link to the entire album, http://community.webshots.com/album/546855107bFdlOM
  6. I read that just before time to go home, made my day. Now I can fight rush hour with a smile
  7. I know how it is. Mine is 6-7hrs. away so I only work on it when I'm there anyway. It will be a year at least but realistically two before I can get it home. Oh well, not like I don't have other projects to do.
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