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  1. in the good 'ol days if you coudn't shift it you didn't drive it and didn't work for the company.
  2. mark i sure wish i had my old belair "bubbletop" 409/409 back. (i wish i had a lot of things back i guess)
  3. if you blinked more than once you missed the town.
  4. i bet it is all white up there this mornin' tim. only 36 degrees here @1240 above sea level. whole lot higher up there.
  5. i bet the sound of that has sugar shack written all over it tim.
  6. i'll bet you superliner there ain't no four-flushing politician worrying about paying his though!
  7. vinny when my powerball numbers come in tomorrow night i will buy that for you for a christmas present.
  8. she'd start.... or maybe up in the north country your sheds run?
  9. dave this might sound stupid but it happened to me once on a 260 brockway. the mice had gotten into the bell housing and had built so much of a nest it would only let that continental gasser turn about a quarter of a turn. after i had pulled the heads i found the nest and thats all that was stopping the motor from spinning. like i said there was so much stuff wadded up in there it got bound up between the flywheel and starter. might be worth a quick look.
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