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  1. in the good 'ol days if you coudn't shift it you didn't drive it and didn't work for the company.
  2. mark i sure wish i had my old belair "bubbletop" 409/409 back. (i wish i had a lot of things back i guess)
  3. if you blinked more than once you missed the town.
  4. i bet it is all white up there this mornin' tim. only 36 degrees here @1240 above sea level. whole lot higher up there.
  5. i bet the sound of that has sugar shack written all over it tim.
  6. i'll bet you superliner there ain't no four-flushing politician worrying about paying his though!
  7. vinny when my powerball numbers come in tomorrow night i will buy that for you for a christmas present.
  8. she'd start.... or maybe up in the north country your sheds run?
  9. dave this might sound stupid but it happened to me once on a 260 brockway. the mice had gotten into the bell housing and had built so much of a nest it would only let that continental gasser turn about a quarter of a turn. after i had pulled the heads i found the nest and thats all that was stopping the motor from spinning. like i said there was so much stuff wadded up in there it got bound up between the flywheel and starter. might be worth a quick look.
  10. thats a good place for it vinny.....right up your way. used to run up to the kraft plants at lowville and north lawerence. beautiful places as long as it wasn't snowing.
  11. make sure your pump transmission has gear oil in it before driving it home. there should be a dipstick on the pump trans. to check it. if i remember right it is on the right side of the pump trans. hate to see you burn that up. to check for vacuum leaks when priming you can also take the steamer cap of off the pump put a little grease around the pump snout turn the steamer cap around backwards and pull the primer valve handle (with pump trans. in prime) if no leaks the vacuum should hold the steamer tight to the pump for a short time. just dont let it crash to the running board after the vacuum goes away.
  12. ol' truck lookin good mike. the wheels make all the difference in the world. headliner too. has mikey laid claim to it yet? keep up the good work.
  13. i would like to add a little tid-bit, NOBAMA 2012!
  14. just think mike while you were having all this fun in a strange town i was tossing and turning in the sleeper out in western pa. hoping everything was going smooth for you but in the end everything turned out fine. still would have liked to seen that ol' G barreling down the mass. pike. the truck couldn't have found a better "new home".
  15. she emailed me mike and told me to never set foot in Iowa.
  16. i drove for stamford 90/91 tim. was a great company to work for just to far to travel each day. 260 miles down and back. remember their superdog with the 500 very well. a guy named ellis drove. it
  17. do you live near howe's joe. i stop there about 3 times a week for fuel. i've been doing 3 a week from the s.w.pa /w. virginia state line back to mass. and go right by barry's place (WATTS MACK) on rte. 22 in alexandria. gotta time it just right next week so i can go by there when they're open so i can get a tee-shirt for the show. i'm sure next week i'll start to see a parade of old trucks heading east
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