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  1. great looking rig ! Nice job looks great with the trailer and old dozers on it too. Jim
  2. Great find Barry ! I like the slogan under your first picture That choice of words goes with anything in life !! Jim !
  3. I am surprized at how easy you can edit everything too easy to change the course of history ! Jim
  4. Have a great christmas ! Glad to see you will be back in six weeks to enjoy your mack Thanks for everything your doing over their. The army should buy you the mack of your dreams for a christmas present!! Jim
  5. If I were a millionare I would have all NEW ones Jim !!
  6. I have to agree about the ugly hood ! LOL JIM !
  7. Happy thanksgiving everybody. Hope you enjoy your holiday ! Jim !!
  8. I agree I think the same will be said for the r models.
  9. Looks great ! Also looks like a nice shop to have such a great project going on ! Look forward to the next phase of pictures ! JIm
  10. Sounds like a sucess Trent Seeing everything work the way you probly prayed for time and time again as you neared completion is a great feeling Good luck with the fifth wheel Project ! Jim !
  11. Welcome ! You came to the right place Jim
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