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  1. This how the truck looks today back in the original company colors, how they bought this truck new.
  2. Sold a lot of these F models here in the late 70's in the Netherlands. This is my old one.
  3. we will come to the show with 20 people and we are staying in holiday inn &suites in york we will be there for 3 nights looking forward to see all those nice trucks and meet some freinds again :banana:
  4. i got mine this week i subscribed on the website 2014 had only 1 bulldog magazine and 2015 is the first big issue its different better to read because of the bigger letters but not easyer to handle and to keep it somewhere save
  5. we will be there Friday evening thanks guys
  6. we will be there with a group from the Netherlands wednesday till Friday 21 people from the DutchMackfanclub.
  7. those Mack Bigfoots are not built any longer and only 32 built.the mining company's wanted bigger trucks and development for only 32 trucks is to expansive
  8. Me Vlad and Ylja at the Mack factory at fathersday/macungie show
  9. Me,Vlad and Ylja from Russia at the Mack factory at fathersday
  10. yes he did he was with me on the bus so i explained him how it works there he loved it
  11. hey guys all the aussie engines are coming from hagerstown its only different software.they MP10 is only for superliners and titans.till now you can also order cummins in it gr rene
  12. hello Mack 3P i can tell you if you have the oppertunitie go and visit Macktrucks australia i was there in august 2010 had a great tour in the plant and saw all old Mack factories and even a nice truck museum.the people are so friendly overthere its a must to go there.very impressive how they build the 2 brands in the factory there.in march we come to visit the plant with a large group from the DutchMackfanclub so maybe we see eachother.greetings rene
  13. hey guys you can realy trust they M-drive here in europe they drive it already for years only the software could be a little bit different than the i -shift from volvo they match the M-drive with the MP 8 or the MP 10 in australia they heva tested the M-drive with the MP 10 685 HP in it and they are very happy with it
  14. thats a beaty of a wrecker wy wil the owner sell it or is the company broke
  15. hi leon the first part of our trip it could be nice warm in the vegas arizona area but the kentuky area is freezing now so you need a lot of different clothes to take whit you.but i now we have a lot of fun overthere greetings rene
  16. hello leon very busy this time whit work and other stuf and not enough time to sit behind the computer but i try to look more here greetings rene.
  17. hey guys is it for shure is the new mackmodel in las vegas on the conexpo.we go there whit a group of mack fans next month.and also to the louisville show i now the new cat truck is in las vegas keep us informed thanks greetings rene
  18. hi leon look at truckpaper.com the price is far to high for that truck you ship from the us for about 3500 us dollar to holland from baltimore or new york gr rene
  19. hello Mack 3P do you now if there are some movies made off that truckpull.it must be great to see the Mack Titan winning.greetings rene
  20. hey neil over about 9 hours we fly back to the netherlands so when i am home i sent you a few pictures thats quiker than whit the very slow internet here greetings rene
  21. hey guys we have seen some buetiful restaurated macks in alice springs een super show. a must for all die hard mackfans we also visit the mack factory and met all the bosses of the factory great poeple and very helpfull they have the real mack spirit overthere. also saw a lot of nice roadtrains in the northern territory.we will thank all the mackdealers for there hospitality when we visit them very freindly poeple everywhere thanks rene.
  22. hey guys are there poeple here how are going to the 2010 reunion in alice springs from august the 25th to the 31th of august we will be there from the 26th it must be the best show in australia.has anybody have some info about the show.for those thad go we hope to meet you there greetings from the netherlands Rene
  23. hey guys there was no volvo boot on the mats in louisville that was due of the economic crises.they are watching now the second hand market and thad was going up for the first time.so truck companys are investing again.furter it was not so busy in louisville like last year not inside and not outside so we all hope the economie is climbing out of that deep hole greetings rene
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