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    Fishing, fishing, and did I mention fishing? Salt water that is. Somebody once told me that there actually were fish in fresh water! I think they're about the size that we use for bait in the ocean. Seriously, I've got a captains license and take out small group charters on my 22' Grady White here near Barnegat Light when I can. When I get older I'll probably do more charters but don't ever plan on getting rid of my "B".

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  1. A 1961 B61T and a 1979 DM686. They both still work regularly but I like to use the "B" as much as possible since it's so good on fuel. (Not to mention all the smiles and waves I get)
  2. Hi Packer, The stuff I use is Stanadyne's Performance Formula which puts some punch back in this ULSD fuel. Less smoke, more power and better mileage are the results. I'd really like to try some blended or straight biodiesel instead of this ULSD sludge.
  3. Thanks for that article Dave, some really good information there. Seems the drawbacks are few compared to the advantages. I have to use conditioners now with the ULSD anyway. The answer to the need for clean dependable sources of fuel will be with the private sector and not big business or bureaucrats.
  4. Willie Nelson started a company a few years ago called BioWillie which produces & distributes Biodiesel fuel. Right now it's only available in Texas & Oklahoma but let's hope it catches on. Let Venezuela & the Middle East drink their oil while we support US farmers! http://www.biowillieusa.com/inner.php?editorpage=b201 http://illegalfilms.net/biowilliepromo.mov
  5. They're all good when their runnin' but it just seems the "B"s run longer. Not the fastest truck on the road but they can sure pull. Small cab but it's roomier than the DM. Rides better too but the DM has a 21K front axle and 58K rear tandem so let's be fair. I heard it put well this way, "After you drive a DM for 10 hours you've felt like you've wrestled a gorilla. After you drive an RD for 10 hours you feel like you could wrestle a Gorilla."
  6. Should I feel fortunate for fuel at $2.70 here in NJ?
  7. Hey WV, Remember that song on Heehaw "Gloom, Despair & Agony on Me", sounds like that's what you're going through. But remember once you're rolling again they probably go for months not needing much more than fuel, oil changes, grease & brake adjustments. At least that's what mine are like. Bob
  8. Good luck my friend, that's a unique truck you've got there and she'll really be a head turner when your done, Bob
  9. You're right Chris, They gotta have power ash trays, power sun visors and everything else. Me, I like a dependable truck that'll get the job done and make some money. A lot of pride in owning and driving that old "B" too. I shudder to think of what a hired driver would do to it. An outfit I worked for years ago had a '60 B61 tandem dump ,that was tough as nails & wouldn't quit so what did they do to it? Ran it (loaded) off an embankment to flip it over and destroy it. Broke my heart to see it and actually, that was the original "Baby Skiddle", the name I gave my truck. Glad to hear that you''ve got your B running and are making progress, I'll let Jimmy know when I see him. Bob PS - Baby Skiddle may be working in a cemetary but ain't ready for one yet!
  10. Hi Guys, This topic came up a while ago. My 1961 B61 is so good on fuel and reliable, I wouldn't think of retiring her. I bought that truck in '83 and sometimes wonder how many '83's are still on the road. In 24 years of faithful service the only time I couldn't drive it home was when I was in an accident that would have totalled a lesser truck and gotten me killed. I get a lot of smiles, waves and phone calls for work from people seeing the number on the door and when they call they remark about seeing that old truck still working. I don't intend to stop using "Baby Skiddle" until I pack it in myself. There's some more pictures in my gallery, Bob
  11. Hi Freightrain, I'm late to the party but seeing that beautiful "B" and reading your story does my heart good to know that truck is in good hands. Think anybody'll feel way about a Volvo if one ever lasts that long? Bob
  12. Here in NJ it seems the foreigners have taken over the triaxle dump truck business, mostly Turks but you see a lot of Mexicans too. They drive like animals - overloaded, way too fast, blowing stop signs and lights, in other words just ignorant and dangerous. You see them in Petes, Freightliners, Internationals and yes Macks but far and away the most popular for them is Volvo. An ugly truck with an ugly driver. I've noticed in recent years that when the DOT or troopers pull me over for a check they're not the b breakers they used to be I guess because I speak English and my trucks (both Macks) are safe and well maintained. When I need more material than I can haul myself on a job I call Planet Materials because "Nappy" runs only Macks and has American drivers. I can't deal with the low lifes that the quarries send out anymore, ignorant, who knows when they'll show up and when they do you can't communicate with them and they're usually driving guess what?, a Volvo. Bob
  13. Ah, a subject dear to my heart. Now I don't have an R model and am not a highway hauler but my B & DM models get the work done and have paid for themselves many times over. New is nice but the shine wears off and the real reason you own a truck comes through. Can you imagine anything put out today still working at 46 years old like that B? Again, I know the subject is R models and the DM's are of that vintage. Mine will definately beat you to death but will also get the job done, get you home every night and make you money. In fairness to the new stuff all of the pollution regs, electronics and weight laws have taken a toll on a newer truck costs and reliablility which is something the older models didn't have basically have to deal with. So as long as I can I keep my old stuff working, which to date has been very economical, that's the success formula for me . Bob
  14. Hi Guys, Be glad you live and work out of where you do. Here in the garbage... ah, I mean garden state of NJ the tags for my B @ 48K are $728.50 and the DM @ 70K are $982.50. Plus highway use tax and did I mention insurance? About $4,500 for the two with no collision. Count your blessings that you live in the United States and not in New Jersey! But I have hope, we've just bought some property in Maine and are looking forward to moving back to the US as soon as possible. And I'll leave skid marks all the way, well at least to the NJ/NY border. Bob
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