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  1. Home made truck is the original rat rod built in 2003, the S.A.R. brand (Some Assembly Required) started with a 1948 KB 5 International chassis tht was saved from the crusher as the owner only wanted the body. The C cab was built from reject sheet metal from the South Charleston West Virginia stamping plant, oil field pipe, dog kennel tubing, bed frame steel angle iron, garage door track, unknown front fenders and a Hercules Diesel radiator. We finished construction at 3:00am the morning of the local Black Walnut parade. We made it through the parade and the trip home home in the dark October
  2. I have pictures on the test forum site but for the life of me cannot post here. Anyone smarter has permission to post pictures here on this thread.
  3. Hauling Iron to new owner Travis Cadle of Mason County West Virginia , a long time friend and old iron nut.
  4. Ride from Walton West Virginia to Mason County West Virginia with Mack and SAR (some assembly required) home made truck from International KB-5 running gear.
  5. Having trouble uploading pictures here or in album form. I live out in country and have slow internet. I will try again later with pictures. The Ugly Mack now key starts and the next project is to get my father in law in the cab at 86, he is a former trucker and ran L models and B models in his day hauling produce and gasoline in the West Virginia mountains.
  6. I saved the "ugly Mack" a 1961 B-61t integral sleeper from the car crusher several years ago. This truck was a Surface Banana tractor first, then a wholesale fruit and grocery truck for two Foodland stores in Spencer and Summersville, West Virginia. The truck was then discovered covered up with old wooden apple crates behind the Summersville store and purchased by a local excavation firm with one goose neck trailer and one B model single axle dump. The owner was murdered out West and I heard about the four trucks from the local tow company operator who said the trucks were offered for scrap. I
  7. I have to cure the damage from some jackass climbing up on the hood of my B61 dump and fisting both windshields. I am out two panes of glass and my rubber gasket needs replaced. I have a choice: find budget glass cut and make up a gasket from bulk gasket material glued togather or give up eating for good. Has anyone found a source for bulk windshield gasket material and cut to size tinted windshield safety glass?? $300.00 for a gasket seems steep to me I have searched the Web with no luck so far.
  8. There are still "Barn" finds out there. I once bought 4 B models out of the woods and a hay field and both complete trucks ran and drove after sitting for at least 10 years. I shared one ,kept one and the parts trucks saved a neighbors B Model with a bad piston and cylinder head. I went to a country store auction at Hurr West Virginia where the store closed in the 1970's and the family ate all the canned goods and left everything in place, complete with manufacturer sales racks with 30 year old NOS jeans and flannel shirts. Old forgotten stuff is still out there to be found. Mark
  9. Thanks for the funnies you all posted. There WAS A SALE OF NOS B MODEL SLEEPER CABS SOLD FROM A WAREHOUSE THAT STORED THE CABS FOR THE ORIGIONAL BODY BUILDERS. My friend has a friend who attended the auction but was not a B Model fan and did not bid on them. The warehouse auction occured in Pennsilvania about three years ago. The B Model Sleeper cabs were sold. Where did the go ??? No little green men were seen holding bidder paddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark
  10. I own a 1961 B model intregal sleeper cab single axle that a younger collector is going to tackle restoration. Presently a long haired tom cat could be run through the cab's holes and not mess up his fur. He has heard about (urban legend??) a warehouse sale where NOS B Model Intregal sleeper cabs were sold at auction. Does anyone have such a cab for sale or a good used intregal sleeper cab??? Any info would be helpful. Mark
  11. I have pictures on the site of the "ugly Mack" sleeper cab. I can measure things if you need it. I saw on the internet a resin body of a sleeper cab truck ready to put on another kit, but I do not remember where. Hope this helps Mark "61sleepercab"
  12. Need some tips on valve adjustment on a non turbo 673. My crank pulley is so close the radiator that I cannot get to the crank nut to index the motor to check valve clearance. What do you do pull fuel knob out and bump the starter to get on TDC? I need some tips. Thanks
  13. I am slowly working on two Mack B models both with straight pipes about 4 inches. I want to know whether a muffler would help the tune of the old dog's bark . I have seen some 4 and 5 inch straight through mufflers in the hot rod parts books with about 18 inches length. Has anybody tried this or am I wasting my parts dough?
  14. I had a spring start up of the Ugly Mack which was named by the former deceased owner's mother. She was last on the road pulling a lowdrag in about 1992. You can see that a lot of body work is ahead for restoration. You can run a big farm tom cat through her in places but there is hope . Pictures are in 61sleepercab B61T "before" pictures . Hope you all enjoy the shots. 61sleepercab
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