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  1. Thanks to you both for your thoughts. Sounds like a good plan that will at least last for a good while. Thanks, again. I will also call the number above and see what they say. George
  2. Hey Y'all: Hope everyone is doing well and feelin good. What do you do for a steering wheel that is cracked and peeling? (without spending $800.00 for a reconditioned one). I do not want to wrap it in tape to have sticky $hit all over it later. But, I want to put something over it. When the wheel spins to straight, it will give ya little razor or paper cuts and what not. I hate to do any of the rigged stuff, I just can't make a move to spend that kind of money on a recon wheel. Any info appreciated. Thanks, George
  3. I am having hell of a time finding an old fuel cap. Know of any places that sell them? Thanks, George
  4. Thank you both for the suggestions. George
  5. Hey Y'all: My b61 with NA 711 has run great for years. I was fixin to move her and she started right up. I moved about 20 feet and stopped. It was running a little rough and not getting fuel. She ran like this for a few minutes and cut off. I pumped the primer on the injector pump and never did feel any fuel. I had a small dripping leak in the hose that goes from the secondary fuel filter to the top area of the injector pump. I checked and no fuel comining up the line from the tank. It has plenty of fuel and the lines are clear. Anyway, what I am asking is, what is the best way to get her primed from the tank all the way (at least) to the secondary filter and then the injector? Any wisdom is appreciated. Thanks, George
  6. Hey Jim: Thanks for your posts. I am glad you decided to include your info. George
  7. Hi y'all: Not to steer anyone away from this fine site. But, here is a great link as well for old iron. Mostly a great bunch of guys to. http://www.yesterdaystractors.com/ Thanks for all of your efforts Barry. Your site has come along way and has added a lot of users in just the past year. George
  8. Hello: I know Dennis Meehan sells them. He has been injured from what I understand and it might be a long while before he is working again. You did mention economical and his were about two thousand dollars, if I remember right. That is a lot of money, from what I understand, it is a complete set up with everything you need. You might look on the for sale adds like the other fella mentioned. Do a search on this site, a good bit has been mentioned in the past. Truck junkyards can be searched. Someone with some good knowledge might chime in later too. George
  9. In Mississippi, an antique tag is $26.00 and it is for the life of the vehicle. Many people use them for local drivers and all. Never a problem. When I went to plate the truck, they looked for the GVWR and that was what they tagged it for. No choice. We have B tags. B 10 for 10,000 lbs, B12 for 12,000 lbs, B 26, etc. I was issued a B- 48. Now, something I started noticing was pickup trucks Duallys with a B 10, a 2500 with a B 26 or a dually with a B 30. No ryhme or reason. They just say that if you are pulled over and are not tagged for the weight you are hauling, it is your a$$. Then I hear, if you are hauling 30,000 pounds in a pickup truck with a tag for 30,000 pounds and it exceeds your GVWR, your hosed anyway. I do not know and it is hard to find anyone at the DMV who knows what they are talking about. I find it hard to believe that any of the manufacturers of the 2500 model pickups are rated at 26,000 GVWR. $500 is not really bad, until the wife is chewin yer a$$ for spending it on somethin that I do not use a whole lot. Take it easy y'all. George
  10. Thanks for the reply. Who inspects it for you? Before I bought the truck, I called the tag office and asked them how much a tag would be for a 63' Mack road tractor, they asked again what year, 63' Oh yeah, it will be $26.00 antique truck tag. I asked them if they were sure and said again it was a tractor. Yep, $26.00. I tag the truck and they hit me with a tag for $500.00 per year that never goes down. I told them that I do not and will not use the truck commercially. Said it goes by GVWR on commercial type vehicles and it would be $500 bucks. Pi$$ed me off good.
  11. Hey y'all: I might have asked y'all this before, don't remember. What do y'all do for your truck inspections and what are you paying. I have had to tag my truck (and pay for) a commercial 48,000 lb tag. So the tag and insurance wise, I could haul for money. Any info on your inspection routine would be much appreciated. Even better if in the great state of Mississippi. Thanks and take care, George
  12. Hello, Where do y'all source fule lines? I have one leaking near the secondary fuel filter. Do y'all just replace with regular fuel line, or try and go with the "snake skin" covered ones to look origianl? Thanks, George
  13. Hi, Thanks for the offer. I should have put that on there, I have an END711 as well. I wanted to get new ones before I tore it apart and drained it. If you get a chance, I would appreciate it. Thanks, George
  14. Hey y'all, Does anyone have part numbers for the Fleetguard oil and fuel filters? Primary spin on fuel, drop in fuel and the large, drop in oil filter? Any info appreciated. Thanks, George
  15. Hey Steve, Welcome aboard. That is a nice looking rig. And it is even better that you have it hauling old tractors. Y'all, I spoke to Steve an hour or so on the phone, seems like a very nice fellow with a great attitude. It allways seems like fine people are associated with old trucks and tractors. George
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