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  1. I laughed waaaaaay too hard at that!!
  2. 92 Rd 688sx... I am wondering what bulbs the gauges take. I know the air pressure gauge only takes an 1895 but the oil pressure amp gauge and watertemp gauges I am not sure about. I was hoping someone would know before I tore the dash apart. Thanks in advance!
  3. LOL I know this is an old thread but I havent been here for a while. Does it look to anyone else like that saddle is toast also?
  4. Mine has an 8LL and I agree with you...its is pretty long legged on the highside but it is pretty nice for the slower jobs.
  5. I cant imagine 10% hurting my E7 400 considering there are variations of this motor with what? 480hp?
  6. I have been away from the site for a while but I can honestly say even though this was expected it is still a kick in the nuts... F Vulva and the horse they rode in on! I still stand behind every statement I have made in the other thread of what a cancer and pos the V word is...
  7. mackdaddy Im lmao at that reply...not no.. but HELL NO!!! LOL Herb...and taken it a step farther and targeted them for eradication....
  8. Thanks Chris. The main thing I didnt wanna do was discharge the system. The a/c worked very well. The clutch on it still turns freely.....the pulley just wont turn. This a/c repair is completely new to me..I used to just not worry about em. How would you get the pulley off of it? I havent really even looked at it very closely or started on it yet. Was just sorta disgusted when I seen it was locked.
  9. I have went through this ordeal on my 800 a few times. It ALWAYS has to have the filters removed. I finally bought a hand primer for it. I thought it normal that they wouldnt pick the fuel up. I will file this one away also..interesting. Mine will not pick up fuel either if it runs out..... I love this place! Been around Macks all my life and still learn stuff every day..
  10. I dont know how it happened but I quit asking questions like that a long time ago but my R Model has been sitting for a couple of weeks and somehow the a/c compressor has managed to lock up while sitting. I thought it was weird that the truck wouldnt start when it will usually start on first turn anytime. Well I boosted it and started and it was locked up tight belt squalling and all. Only in trucking could you ever have stuff like this..lol. Anybody know what kind of compressor this is and approx cost? Its on a 92 RD688SX 400 Mack motor. Last 5 of serial # 12274. I cant live without my a/c...lol. Thanks in advance!! I wondered why but seeins how it is 16 years old theres a good chance its worn out...lol.
  11. Ill say its a waste of a fine motor also...lol...but whatever floats your boat..
  12. Chris the 14708LL has proven me wrong on this one. You were right on the durability part. After a year and a half it has done very well. I had my doubts about it but it has proven itself to be very worthy. I know I did fill it with some very expensive Red Line synthetics though...lol. Hopefully it continues to do as well.
  13. Its not a bad job....just remember as Rob said to brace yourself when you lift it out because at that angle you will screw your back in a heartbeat. Watch your fingers as well..lol. The pain for me was putting it back in.....my patience isnt so great anyways
  14. My R Model could stand a couple of chairs. Thats something I really dont wanna do until I have to. I have bead tightened them once.
  15. Dont forget to check jake springs...a broken one will cause a miss... This is something to look at since you said the jake started at the same time as the miss. Jake is real easy to adjust. Not a big prob with Macks but its fairly common with Cummins.
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