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    79 Chev C/70 w/grainbox& hoist. Several IH tractors 1456, 1256 1026, 560D, M SH.

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  1. Name: 89 Superliner Date Added: Owner: redrover redrover
  2. Name: Mack Superliner Rw613 (1989) Date Added: 14 December 2008 - 01:43 PM Owner: redrover Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  3. I have A Dynatard engine brake on my engine. Solinoids work fine and orings are good. Thanks for the reply
  4. Thanks Skip I appreciate the confirmation on that . I did find a service manual so I should be ok now. It sure is nice to have a site to find good info . Thanks guys.
  5. What about the bridge adjustment ? Do ya set em so you just start to fell it rise as on other engines?
  6. I`m looking for the procedure for adjusting the valves on my E6-350 4v. It started missing ever so slightly at about the same time the engine brake started to get punky . I pulled off the valve covers and the brake solinoids are working. I think I found my trouble as most of the valve lash seem to be tight. I need to know which timming pointer to use : and if I can set 6 valve adjustments on TDC; Then roll the motor 1 turn and set the remaining 6 ? I`m used to working on IH farm tractors : sorry . I don`t know anyone with a manual for this engine. I know where I can get a manual for a E6 2V : are they set the same? Any help would be appreciated. I`m new to this site, but it seems like a great site with a great bunch of guys.
  7. I`m also looking for injector opening pressures and leak down test procedure. Figured as long as I`m this far might as well check the injectors. Thanks !
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