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The R is going to be the same as a Superliner, and most Superliners had twin stacks, if you found a parts truck you could get all your stack mounts, the Y pipe can be bought new, most all pipe sizes are 5 inch ( if it’s 4 off the turbo I would step it up to 5 before the Y ) . We have 5 Superliners so if you need any measurements let me know,, also what engine is your R ? 

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I never fit the 2nd stack on a truck myself but payed attention to the subject which was discussed multiple times on the forum during those 10 years I'm an active member of. The most time people looked for options for a Superliner. Actually they were just looking for the LH stack bracket. And the most cases ended up with purchasing another RH bracket and installing it with minor (or neither?) modifying. Or another way was custom built brackets.


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On 5/17/2022 at 9:50 AM, Mj Edwards Trucking said:

Any advice as were I can get dual exuast for my 1980 mack R model dump truck. And what would the best diameter be

It helps to know what side of the planet, your on, because their are many places to choose from? I use Raney's Truck Center and they do have a Mack Section then choose Exhaust for an R Model.

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