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Out and about in Mrs Mack


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Hi Paul

thank you for the video, especially during our 🔒 here in the wonderful state of Victoria 😆

All the best with the remaining repairs and then the trip home to Kerang.

Please is there a hole in the bonnet/hood nest the Doggie for access to the radiator?

Enjoy the rest of your passion for this unique livestock trailer. Harry

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Harry there was a time I thought it was quite common for all R models to have that hole in the bonnet, turns out I was wrong lol

The bonnet and cab has a few extra cut outs like that that no one ever see's 

When the bug deflector was on the bonnet you couldn't see that hole from inside or outside

Once Covid does what ever the fudge it's gunna do you should come and check out this wide brown land Bob



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Part 2 didn't disappoint . It was very good !

I would have been impressed if you did all that work at your house with the proper variety of tools. I'm totally amazed at what you can achieve with what you brought along. I found it very impressive .  Good job!

And I like your choice of music . 

Thanks , I enjoyed that 


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2 hours ago, alex g said:

Very interesting video. That's quite a journey to get a trailer. Your very self sufficient I'm impressed. What's the plan when you get it home?

Shady tree, deck chair, esky and sit and stare

I dont have any real plans, it is totally stuffed so I really need to fix the corrosion problems first 

New sides, new floors, new gates, it's a long list 

But I  have something to work with now



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4 hours ago, 85snowdog said:

Your doing a great job Paul, on trailer and videos. I really enjoy watching . 

Too bad we weren't neighbours , I would enjoy having a beer with you in our lawn chairs looking at your trailer . 



I feel a lot of the people on here are not really that much different no matter what part of the world we are from

Old fashioned values and a good sense of humour 

Who knows we might just get that beer one day 



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  • 4 weeks later...

No dumb questions here 


Was meant to collect a load of steel RSJ beams near Mackay but when I went to collect them they weren't as described

There was something I wanted to look at in Townsville, for the life of me I can't remember what now, I do remember that I sat there for a day waiting for the cleat that went walk about when I busted a stud between Ayr and Mackay 

Also wanted to collect a McGrath axle

McGrath is a brand of semi trailer made in Australia up until the mid 80's and when ever I see axles come up I collect them as spares are getting harder to find 

And seeing my son as well at Ayr 

Pretty sure I wanted to look at a old COE Mercedes Benz truck, a rare one as well but I honestly cant remember what I was gunna look at at Townsville 

May of been a Superliner as there was a mob there that HeavyHaulageAustralia bought out before going belly up had a heap of old series  I  and II's on heavy work, that long ago now I cant remember 

Long story short I ended up getting steel beams in Adelaide from a old Supermarket roof 


But thats a whole other story



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