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Mack NewZealand 2021 calendar

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I notice most Australian trucks we see on internet are multi colored or two tone paint jobs. Where as we do have them but alot of North American trucks are a single color. Is this common in Australia or just what we see. Also love the cabovers. Those twin steers are monsters.

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Not so long ago (at least in my mind) all trucks were as you described but now the bigger fleets tend to have just white with vinyl sign writing 

I would guess 70% are still done up like a dunny truck


However our biggest fleets in Australia are still  custom painted

Dunno about Kiwi land, once this Covid 19 drama is over I wanna load Mrs Mack up on a boat and toodle over to Kiwi land and have a look around for a few years, I'll report back then lol

The calender has the big photo of how the truck was when new and then say maybe half a dozen photos of it as it went thru different owners with  the last how it is today 

A really top job by all involved in the calendar 


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Well the big event has come and gone 

I haven't had  holiday in I have no idea how long, maybe 15  years or more

So a few months ago, about 6 months I was working away and trying to get some shut eye in a feral cabin in a dodgy as all get out caravan park and "stuff it Pauly, you should go"

So jumped on Google and booked some airfares to NewZealand and back, with a fortnight gap between them

Told the Princess when I got home and just by coincidence the trip coincided with 50 years of Mack celebrations 

So as the time got near I booked a campervan and waited nervously as huge parts of eastern Australia are in flood, millions of acres at a guess 

Knocked off work on the 14th of October and pointed the ute south for Melbourne town at around 6.30

We drove thru at a guess 4 km (3 miles) of water from just a few inches to 18 inches deep in spots arriving in Melbourne around 10

Caught the kero kite at 1/4 Twelve

Landed in Christchurch at 5.30 am and collected our camper 

First thing I will say about NewZealand is that photos do not do it justice, it is absolutely stunning scenery that is constantly changing, I  never tired of the views, it really is that good, the south island is very different than the north island 

I could share photos of all sorts of things but been a Mack truck forum I'll just share the photos of the truck show

Depending on who I asked there was either 171 Macks or 205 but ot was huge and well done

Now before anyone passes judgement on the show size you need to remember that there is only 6 million in the country thats about a 1/3 the size of Texas 

NewZealand like Australia shouldn't really make it in the world but just like Australia they punch well above their weight and should hold their heads high, what Yanks probably dont know or understand is the ANZAC spirit that shaped our nations

Anyway some piccies

The first NewZealand Mack rebuilt and looking damn sexy


And a better photo, courteous of Trev Jones

Trev is fella I have been speaking to for many years over the interweb

Trevs hobbie is photography and needles to say thats how we started communicating over Trevs photos 

And in particular his selfsteer trailer photos 

So Mack number 1 is a FR with a fiberglass cab,





You can thank Peter Ramsey for the use of the scans from the Bulldog Bulletin 

Anyway on with the show20221022-140045.jpg









Now there's a good looking rooster all done up in his town hat in front of a truck a mural of a couple of my child hood hero's,  Wal Footrot and the "Dog"


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Check out this CH something and the hairy chested buldge in the bonnet (sorry hood) talk about tough looking

20221022-135738.jpgthis dog has some balls about it 20221022-135735.jpg


NrwZeaNewZealands 1000th Mack



A E9 with a fare set of haggets


The forst Anthem I have been up close and personal with

And I have gottaadmit they look better in the flesh than the photos I see20221022-133030.jpg

And what it is really about, great people Trev Jones that I have spoken to for years over the interweb 

We (the Princess and I) met Trev and Mary for the first time and went out for lunch after the show and sat amd talked and laughed and got on like a house on fire because like almost everyone of us all over the world we are just normal jokers having a crack at living the dream


A couple of good looking roosters there


Heaps more to tell about NewZealand but not Mack related as such

If you ever get the chance jump on the kero kite and go for a look, it really is special 

Would be the best money l have ever spent 


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Great pictures and it looks like the great show it was! No doubt the organizers put alot of efforts to get everything together.

Also great to see your face smiling ear to ear and a little! I used to work plenty of time with about no gaps but once I figured a man should force himself to take holidays. Otherwise the most bright pages of the life book go aside and get missed.

For some reason I don't see nearly a half of images with comment of "the server is busy please try again later". I sure will but would like to know if anybody else is against that brick wall? 

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Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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