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Mack Steel Dash DM600 & DM800


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Not sure of the years but pre 1973 as they both have steel dashes. They both have 237 maxidyne engines. The blue DM600 has a 6 speed and the DM800 has what I believe to be a quadruplex. Both trucks ran very good when parked but have been sitting for several years. The DM600 has a jake brake but the DM800 does not. 6 is a triaxle and the 8 is a tandem with obviously very heavy rears. Probably 58,000 pounds or more. 12.00x24 rubber and Mack axles on camelback suspensions. Both trucks are pretty rotten and too far gone for any kind of restoration (in my opinion), however the engines, transmissions and drivelines are all good parts. They are essentially good complete parts trucks.  Looking to get scrap price or maybe a little better if possible. Just trying to save them from the torch if somebody can use them. Located in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Please do not ask if I will export these or deliver them to a port. I will not deal with exporters. Thank you.







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Yes I agree. The cabs are rough as well too. Very poor floors. I see the value in the engines, and drivelines as they both ran like sewing machines when they were finally parked. Its just a shame to see them get scrapped considering they are good running engines, transmissions, and rear ends.

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Long gone. The blue one got sold for parts and its major components may have lived on. The DM800 got scrapped and probably sent to China to be turned into some worthless trinkets that serve no real purpose. Its sad I couldn't find any takers at scrap price. The cost of shipping a 19,000 pound back then was very expensive. That was in the 2020-2022 timeframe when the Covid supply chain BS had everything screwed up and the cost of shipping anything was crazy. I saved the ignition switch out of it that had a matching Mack bulldog key. That is all that's left of it....

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Oh, I would’ve thought those things would’ve moved real quick in that area. I would have ran over and grab one of them if they were closer , you could easily get your money back by selling one component. I had  an original Mack key years ago my five year old boy at that time  took it out and lost it somewhere. I’m still pissed about that. That was almost 35 years ago bob 

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