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Granite Beast boom truck

Red Horse

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Effer* is an Italian brand. Good product. But why is it that the US doesn't have any good producers? All the good booms are from Europe. Coming out of WW2, the US was the benchmark for technology across the board, the envy of the world. Now the US is largely a follower that continues to be taken over by foreign aggressors.......and few take take note or care.

* https://www.effer.com/en/

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Those are traditional knuckle booms with jointed jibs.  Both the main and jib are hydraulically telescopic.

Knuckle booms are far superior in terms of accessing low clearance and tight/constrained areas.  Even better is the fact that your pick point can be attached right to the crane, vs. a telescopic cable.

Crane at previous employer could reach over a house and touch the ground if you extended the jib.  I watch other co's use straight cranes and feel bad.

Those units are easily $200k+.

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6 hours ago, davehummell said:

I took care of a fleet of Hiab 2 ton traveling base cranes way better than the old block booms we had before. We tried tico's and another brand but we felt the Hiab's were the brand for us.

We ran a Biko and a Jiffy stick boom for awhile.  Our main thing is the Princeton forks on the back of the trailer.  Block company we haul for used to run a bunch of Steelmasters and a handful of Palfinger knuckle booms.   Now they are switching to Moffetts.   

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On 9/22/2020 at 5:22 AM, davehummell said:

We got rid of the booms and I welded the mounts on the triaxles and we used moffetts and princeton telladyne units. I liked the irish moffetts the best. I made shure they were powered by kubota engines never had any issues with those power plants.

We run older 2wd Princetons.   Kubotas are the only way to go

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I have grown to like the knuckle boom and the fact that I can keep the cable really short to minimize the swing. 

I grew up around cranes and it took a lot of experience and practice to keep the load from swinging. This is not an issue with a knuckle boom


I had to use the green Mack to put the fifth wheel on the ford F800 Friday because the forklift is down for a brake job


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