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Driveshaft sheer bolts?

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After they brake you can put another set back in there are three levels of bolts that let go at different torque levels or line up the dots or punch marks and put in regular 3/4 bolts I have seen them used in oilfield trucks I have not seen any let go in mud just seen them let go when  hopping in sand .

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I was at a junkyard back in about 1981, a guy walked in with a driveshaft off a Dodge Dart that was bent in an "L" shape. The counter guy said "put a little too much torque to her, did ya?". He said he was driving along and the front u-joint let go, the shaft speared into the blacktop.

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I once bought Mercedes G for parts and the story behing it was the guy had the front shaft front joint loose for a while. Ended up he had the axle pinion shaft broke down probably due to constant vibration and all the front drive shaft hitted the pavement at the speed of 100km/h. The guy got back to the place and picked up his broken parts on a side of the road only on the next day. Took him two bottles of Vodka to get relaxed in the evening.

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From the looks of those bolts, they might be the driveshaft sheer bolts. They serve a critical safety purpose. In case of a sudden impact or excessive torque, these bolts are designed to break and prevent damage to the drivetrain.

I had a similar experience with my car, and these bolts are important for protecting the drivetrain from potential harm. You can purchase them at the online shop with hardware and equipment. I hope that helps!

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