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Hagerty insurance


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I just got off the phone with Hagerty ins. Ruddy called to bring to my att. that my insurance was being transferred from gulfway to them and he suggested i combined my 31 model a with my mack it ended up i will pay 65.00 a year for the mack and 160.00 for the A i was paying 180.00 a year for the mack threw gulfway and i am going to get my motorcycle on with them later on when that ins. is about to expire on the bike. That was one phone call i'm glad i took. 

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It is a cut throat industry.  I just talked with my new State farm agent.  Nice guy.  I had issues with my Condon-Skelly I use for 69 F100 and black galaxie.  He beat them with coverage and cost.

He did speak of some agents just not wanting to do legwork for insurance on some vehicles.  I couldn't get coverage years ago for these two from S-F,  now this agent has no problem.  Hmmmm.

My wagon and trailer are through Hagerty.

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Last year after almost 30 years with JCT I switched to Hagerty. For the exact same coverage the premium was just over $300 less. They have a lot of good side benefits such as info type emails and a magazine that comes out every other month or so.

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4 hours ago, Brocky said:

I think(???) That Hagerty also has a plan where ATHS membership gives you another discount??

Yes, along with other auto clubs. When I ask he said yeah but you can only use one. I'm not sure what the percentage is.

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I'm  paying just over $400 a year for 3 trucks with Hagerty. They also give you the app to stream the Motortrend channel plus the magazine. They wrote my policy to specifically alow me to pull my trailer When I needed a windshield for my Astro the claims guy called all over the country to find me one and then sent me a check right away to pay for it and install. Best insurance company I've ever dealt with. 

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On 6/25/2020 at 5:32 PM, Freightrain said:

I had issues with my Condon-Skelly I use for 69 F100 and black galaxie. 

When I first got the FWD I went with C & S on the advice of a friend. Had them for 3-4 years until they switched underwriter without telling me. Went with JC Taylor and haven't looked back since. 


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