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Pearl Harbor

j hancock

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You fellas about covered it all.. and yes I think as time moves on less and less people know anything about it..or much give a damn...many thanks and prayers to all of the strong generation involved god love them all....bob

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I took Medium and Large over to what is left of Bethlehem Steel (I refuse to call it "The Casino") where at the high house quench pit building (the facility where they hoisted up the main gun barrels of the battleships and lowered them down into the quench oil pits) they have one of the main 14" guns of the USS Oklahoma on display. The Oklahoma was struck by multiple torpedoes in Pearl Harbor.

She capsized and 429 were killed. She was righted and floated in 1943 and they salvaged as much as they could. The hull was repaired and was being towed to San Francisco when on May 17, 1947 the tow encountered a storm and the Oklahoma was taking on water. She began to sink but luckily the two tugs were able to release their tow lines before they were dragged under. The exact location of the Oklahoma to this day is not known. 

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