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The anniversary of D day today


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One of those events you can read and watch documentaries about, but won’t fully comprehend unless you jumped out of the landing craft.

Over memorial weekend my mother-in-law read to the family out of her dad’s journal and letters home.  Both of my wife’s grandfathers were in the Iwo Jima invasion. One was on the water in the USS Brush working sonar during the escort and bombardment. The other was Marines Infantry in the invasion. They certainly were a great generation. The Marine Grandfather made a comment about cranking a generator radio for two hours straight while they were calling artillery. He was losing strength in his arms to keep it going and his replacement was apparently KIA. He told his commander he needed help. The commander said “take him (wife’s grandfather) over there and shoot him, then find me a replacement”. He kept cranking. Eventually the horn operator made a bad artillery call and was pulled. Grandad was told now to call artillery and keep cranking. 

Seems like they were young, full of piss’n vinegar’n fight and too immersed in the middle of complete chaos to think about how dangerous it was. 


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French President Emmanuel Macron told American D-Day veterans that “France doesn’t forget” their sacrifice for his country’s liberty.

“We know what we owe to you veterans: our freedom,” Macron said. “On behalf of my nation, I just want to say, thank you.”



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