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Need more space


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2 hours ago, other dog said:

They have a Detroit powered forklift just like that at the shop. They seldom use it though, opting for the big red Taylor instead- just because it has brakes on it and the Clark doesn't.

Thing is a beast.  No floorboard, some brakes, and sometimes won't turn left but it sounds cool.

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14 minutes ago, j hancock said:

Looks Great ROP!


I would need a bigger man cave for the Benz sign.  I suspect it is broken which is why it is outside?

It had a scratch on it right out of the crate, they had to send another one and I figured I would hang it up in the shop, probably going to hang it on the side of the shipping contaner after I get the tent complete.

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17 minutes ago, Red Horse said:

Got it tied down Rich?  Could be a wild weekend!

it'll have to take the shipping containers with it but anything is possible. I'd rather not have the excess flapping but I can't cut it off until I get the door frame in place

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I heard the weather doesn't baby East Coast now. Hope you'll be able to keep the tarp in place. Like the idea and the size of the project. Just wonder how much of snow could such structure hold. Probably would collapse if I make something like that in my environment.

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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16 minutes ago, Red Horse said:

Well Rich-How did it hold up over weekend?.-you probably got a lot of rain and Ice-Up here we got only about 7" of snow and sleet.

Everything just slid right off, all's well, that white poly shrink wrap is real slippery

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