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New 17 year old fire truck?


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I wonder what the actual price tag is when new?  Likely much more then $125K.   The bad part is figuring out the wiring?

Fire equipment just doesn't hold much value.



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               Mack/Master Body Works trucks were built for the California Division of Forestry. I wonder what the reason was why it was never put into service, a training vehicle, maybe? 

               Mack "Team Manager" chassis.


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10 hours ago, 1958 F.W.D. said:

Someone needs to lay off the drugs. 

Well they ARE in Kalifonica

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3 hours ago, 1958 F.W.D. said:

The stories I could tell you.
One of the problems is the NFPA, the group that creates the recognized industry standards and codes for firefighting- everything from suggested minimum training requirements to minimum standards for fire extinguishers, helmets, boots, coats, tools, radios, and yes firetrucks. These standards are constantly changing and evolving. Many Federal, State and Local Governments have adopted NFPA standards to guide their firefighting agencies. As a result of this, and due to the standards constantly changing, older rigs lose their value by not being compliant. There are so many rigs out there that could be of value to a small town Fire Dept but because they are not NFPA compliant, they are hesitant to purchase them for fear of liability. 


three years ago we got a new areal truck. we could not give the old one away. it only had 17,000 miles on it, but since it was 21 years old no one could take it without having to put close to $200,000 into it for  a 10 year recertification extension. 

so we gave it to the county fire academy for training use. 

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it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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City of Toronto ordered 2 of those team managers.  Never went into service. Sold them to somewhere in the Caribbean. 

Once loaded the trucks had issues stopping and the dept wasn't too happy with them. They were ordered for downtown first response. 

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