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Anthem fuel tank specs and measurements

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On 10/17/2017 at 9:56 AM, Mackpro said:

Does anything Volvo does ever make any sense? That's my only answer. Lol. Actually someone told me the reason but I forgot, 

Un interrupted air flow for less drag.


 “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’


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Volvo Group feels that D-shape fuel tanks hold larger volume capacity than traditional round and rectangular tanks (true when compared to round tanks).

Volvo states that, owing to their D-shape, their tanks hold more fuel than a round or rectangular tank with the same length and ground clearance. Volvo claims the actual usable volume increase is about 2.4 % compared with a rectangular tank.

Anyway, it all begs the question, if you are enamored with Volvo fuel tanks and chassis design, why not buy the truck with the Volvo nameplate? Or, why not call a spade a spade and put a Volvo nameplate on the Anthem?

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I  quite like the top mounted fuel inlet ,outlet design of old! The current side inlet /outlet set up is environmentally unsafe  in my opinion too vulnerable to the elements especially in off road situations ! In the event a line gets compromised  or broken off half the tank of fuel can disappear on to the ground! the extra 2 % fuel storage can't be worth the effort in my mind!

And I realize were talking an over the road unit in this instance ! Not so much an issue here!

How ever If It ain't broke Dont fix it! 

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