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1951 Model 45A Firetruck

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I'm a member at a volunteer firehouse in NJ and we own a 45A from 1951 and looking to do work to it after damaged during Sandy in 2012.  Does anyone have any information they can share for engine?  Thank you all in advance. I have attached 2 pictures one prior to storm and another after.



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Do you need a complete engine or are you looking for parts?

Complete engines are out there (I had one and sold it to a friend who is also re-doing a Type 45), but you will need to do some digging. Keep your eye out for and E model as they are far more plentiful than the A models, but use the same basic engine. You will probably have to put your cylinder head on a replacement engine as the dual spark plug heads used on fire apparatus are harder to come by.

I own a 1952 Type 75A and have done quite a bit of work on it. Send me a PM with a phone number and I'll give you a call to see what I can do to help you out.

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how deep was the water in/on the truck?

also, what was done after the flooding?

 was the engine, trans, pump, and rear drained, refilled,  started and ran for a while?

that will make a big difference on whether it is even worth messing with.  

5 years untouched after being submerged in salt water can do A LOT of damage.

you may get into it and realize it is not worth repairing. 

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