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Probably a 270 inline 6, the young street Rodders in the late 50s used to put them in their Chevy cars!

Was it an engine that was easy to supe up or was it just the biggest and most plentiful engine they could get their hands on?

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Heavy Gunner, most of the young guys just put it in the car stock, in the 50s the biggest six cylinder in a Chevy was the 235 cu inch in the powerglide cars,later they came out with a 260 I think. There were 2  and3 carburetor manifolds and racing cams available.I believe the 270 would bolt up to the stock Chevy three speed with the right bell housing leaving only the front mounts to fabricate! A couple of drag racers put full race blown versions in their rail dragsters!

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GMC also used a 305 CI straight six that was popular with hot rodders. Pretty rare. A friend has one in a 1937 GMC cab over fire truck he is restoring and I'm convinced the only reason it survived 20 years in a junk yard is the cab over made it too hard for the hot rod crowd to see.

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