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Orange and black b model at John Babies show

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I was at the show at John Babies show a couple weeks ago.There was a. Orange and black b model that was absolutely one of the best looking trucks I have ever seen.The paint both interior and exterior were the best.I am looking to talk with the owner to see who did the painting.Come spring I may be looking to get my B87 tractor painted.I am in Philly,and wouldn't mind to travel to get the right job done.Thinking about doing the frame by myself.Thinking out loud here was thinking about having cab and fender,hood and other small parts done before I re assembly the truck rather done taking whole truck to paint shop.Would like to see some pic of other truck and where did you have them done at.Thanks Mike.

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It is not all that difficult to find someone who will do a quality paint job for you if you look around. In Philly one of my first calls would be to Hal Fillinger, http://halfillinger.com/ , to see who he uses. Another good contact would be John Statts, Firemack on here. He managed the restoration of Radnor's B-75 and he can tell you who they used. I know of a couple of painters in the Northern VA area that do great award winning work at a reasonable price if you are interested.

As for paint before assembly; it is really nice to be able to paint and then assemble, but it is also easy to scratch up a panel while putting it together. I assume you are doing body work to the panels, so you will need to completely assemble the truck before painting just to make sure everything still goes together right. If you don't do this and a newly painted panel doesn't quite fit right you will be kicking yourself.

Pro restoration shops usually paint and then assemble, but they have a whole crew to hold things to keep from scratching them up and they have experience at doing this. My friends that do their own work paint and then assemble, but they usually get a crew together to help out for the assembly part.


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