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2 cylinder JOHN DEERE


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Your 420 looks great.  Here is my 1957 420.  It is my only John Deere.  I am more of a Red Power guy, but I love this tractor.  I don't really farm.  I have the brush hog hooked to it now.   Not the best picture.   I sold the Model T.  


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5 hours ago, Back In Black Pulling said:

This is friends 720 he built , has KT pistons , common rail fuel inj , custom made connecting rods , custom made block , slipper clutch and Three Turbos.

I think he said factory was 80 HP now Dynoed at 440 HPp82a0250.jpgp82a0251.jpg

Any Videos of it pulling?

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The best tractor pull I ever saw was a showdown between an 830 John Deere and a Farmall Super M at the antique tractor pull. Long story short, both made a full pull, they put all the weight they had in the sled, both made a full pull, then they had several,about 6 or 8 ....uh, we'll just say "large" men get in the sled, and the M finally won it. The funniest thing was when the John Deere came unhooked on the second pull, and the driver just kept on going, never looking back. The official was jumping up and down,waving his arms, yelling,..and the 830 just kept on chugging along. But I have to give him credit, it never seemed to strain, never changed it's tone, it just kept on pulling when it was hooked to the sled.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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