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1946 EH Macungie bound?


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I have a 1946 EH Mack I am going to sell (too many projects).  Truck is complete, and engine runs great.  Radiator looks new, and I have new master cylinder and wheel cylinders.  Brake lingings are good.  Truck had been blasted and primed and left outside, so it has surface rust.  Rust through in a couple of places.  Have radiator shell, chrome strips, etc.  Clear Virginia title. Located in Fredericksburg, Va. 1 1/2 miles off I95, 50 miles south of Wash. DC. I am considering taking to Macungie along with other items I will never get to.  Is there any interest?  Other pictures available.  Carey Leitch, caricoinc@verizon.net, 540.373.5983 days, 540.371.2301 evenings.


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The E models had such class!  It would be a really cool truck once finished up.   It is a shame to see her sitting out in the weather in primer.  Was the frame blasted and then all necessary coats completed?  It looks to be in a glossy black.

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  • I made a mistake, the truck is a 1946 EF, not an EH.  I paid $2,750.00 for it, plus moving it here.  I have also purchased a number of items for the truck, including new wheel cylinders and a new master cylinder.  I would like to get my initial purchase price out of it, $2,750.  Carey
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