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R Model Sleeper Installation

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I hope I can get some urgent input from those in the know.

I have someone fitting a sleeper to my R Model in the next few days. The R cab is on air but the sleeper will be fixed to the chassis and connected to the cab with a rubber sock. All brackets have been made and are ready for mounting but I just want to be sure we are doing the right thing with respect to the fixed sleeper height.

If the cab is propped into its operating position as if full of air (ie. level), should the cab and sleeper openings line up or should the sleeper sit slightly lower than the cab? If so, by how much?

My installer was thinking that the sleeper should sit about 15-20mm lower than the relative operating position of the cab so the sock is not over-stretched when the cab is in its resting position.

Anyone have an opinion on this?


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openings should line up,. Able Body used to offer an accordian type boot that allowed for extra movement of the cab,but they are out of business and I don't know where you could find one unless it would be from a dealer that installed pickup toppers/campers.

Thanks Superdog - much appreciated. The rubber I am using is an accordian style - I was told by many that it is the best material for the job that is available in Australia (noting that there really isn't much available in Australia). If it lasts 5 years I will be happy. If we still have the truck then, I will put the sleeper on rails. Was originally planning to do it as part of this rebuild but just don't have the time. Cheers

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I have serious doubts about that set up working for very long due to the sideways as well as the up and down movement of the cab might work ok on a hobby truck for a while but an in service unit i believe would make short work of the boot and leak

Hi mate, I tend to agree that it is not the best method by design but it is commonly used and I have bought very high end boot material that is used on new trucks over here. It's just a local on road truck so I am not expecting too much strain in any event. If I have trouble, I may put it on rails down the track.

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