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1958 mack B67T Sleeper, Tilt Bed


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**UPDATE** After all this time, I have discovered my truck is a triplex, not a duplex, direct must not have been used for a long time, as it wasn't going in, and I knew the trans had been changed, so I thought it was a duplex, but Al Penino recognized the case number and told me that it's a triplex, so I started playing with it, got it shifting, and now it works perfectly, so....MORE SHIFTING FUN! Lol ! Thinking about trading, or selling my B67 to get something a little bigger ( B73, B75, R700, Brockway, Autocar, etc.....) Mine runs and drives great, it has a **13 speed triplex, double over**, and the END 673 engine. I would really like something with a bigger sleeper, or room to put one on it, or to make into an RV ( Mine is titled as a motor home) If the truck I get is already titled as a motor home, that would be a big plus. My truck has VERY LITTLE rust, with solid floors , all the gauges except the fuel and speedo work, it will run around 75 MPH or better, I have to DL a speedo app on my phone to check this. The bed tilt mechanism is electric over hydraulic, it is all new looking. I had it working once, but then it stopped, I noticed a loose ground, and when I went to check it, it broke, so I have to re ground it and try it again, it just hasn't been an issue because I never use the tilt bed for anything. The sleeper is a newer Freightliner sleeper, a 36" and is in very good shape, it could use a new mattress though, the cool thing about the sleeper is, it DID AWAY WITH THE CONCAVE CAB !! so, more room! I love driving this truck, just want something bigger that I can actually use for traveling in like you would in an RV. I prefer twin stick trans, but will consider others. This engine seems to have been rebuilt at one time, it has no leaks, holds great oil pressure, doesn't seem to use any oil (no long trips so far though) It does have a weak injector though. It will not miss at low RPM, but once it gets up over 14-1500 RPM it will if you put your foot into it, but if you ease out a little it hits on all 6 again. I plan on isolating and replacing the suspect injector. The windows crank up and down good, the driver window, and vent window are cracked, and the right windshield has a crack in it. The tread is great on the tires, it has the tall 20" rubber, the clutch works great, and the trans shifts perfectly. Also, it has been converted to negative ground, and has a GM single wire alternator on it. Please feel free to ask any questions, or feel free to make trade offers. Or if you want to text, or call (352) 551-7492 I'm thinking 7000.00 would be a fair asking price. Thanks for looking Keith












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Yeah, I have no way of knowing if this was or not, I am going to write to Mack and get the history on the truck.What is strange, if you look at a B67 and a B61 from the side, the fenders seem to start in the same place at the cowl, and the grille sits in the same place with the front of the fenders, but the hood is shorter on the B67 somehow? or is this my imagination, I assumed that it is because of the dog box in the cab where the engine tucks under the firewall. You have to excuse me, as I'm still learning all the details on the old Macks, I grew up in KW's, but always loved the old Macks, my Uncle had a blue B75 when I was a kid with a sleeper, air starter, and a quad box, he hauled frozen with it up and down the eastern seaboard. I remember riding in it with my dad and him pushing the air starter when we went by a cow pasture, never saw cows MOOve so fast! Lol (ok, bad joke)

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I'm thinking, after doing some research on my air starter........there were some that were constant engaged pinion gears. Thus you could actually hit it and not hurt the ring gear or starter.



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It was used to haul a race car, they had ramps for it which he said were in too rough condition and he scrapped them (the truck did sit for two years, but that story sounds fishy! Lol) I will measure the wheelbase today, if I keep it, I'll put a Reese hitch on the back, and pull my 20' car trailer with it, then if I need to haul two cars, I could drive the first one up on the trailer, than use my trailer ramps to drive it from my trailer up onto the flatbed! Hopefully I'll be starting on the inside this weekend. Also, I need to track down another air ride seat for the passenger side, maybe the driver side too, the one on the driver side is OK, but the way it is designed, it tends to tilt down in the front, because the air bag is all the way to the back of the seat platform, not a great design!

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