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Hey Everybody,

I'm new here and thought this would be the place to ask.

I am looking forpost-17177-0-86877400-1390254618_thumb.j this 1959 Mack Firetuck, My Company bought it new and we kicking ourshelves for getting rid of it.

Last I read it was sold to Lost Creek Fire Co. in PA.

We ( Croydon Fire Company out of PA. ) would like to get info if the trucks still exisist and the were abouts of it.

hoping this is a good place to start .


Tim Tryon

Deputy Fire Chief

Croydon Fire Company#1

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Hey Tim, this is Randy Yardumian, we worked together at Engine 69..... (IIRC you were on the B Plt.) Jack Sassani just posted a good pic of that the other day sitting in front of the station which I copied and posted onto another thread here somewhere that was discussing Mack forums. I am pretty sure I have heard that there were approx 15 "N" model Mack firetrucks, I am going to ask Harvey Eckert (a renowned Mack historian) how many there were- unless Mike Martinelli knows and chimes in here.


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Hey Randy', you worked with my brother Tom, he is the chief of Croydon Fire.

were inquiring about the truck with hopes to find it and get it back, that's why I posted a pic when lost creek had it last.

Any help to know its whereaabouts if its still around, would be great


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Only 5 N models made by Mack according to Harvey's book, but I'm sure other builders used the N chassis as well. I know the Hicksville, NY light plant/squad got turned into a delivery truck by Tidewater Mack.

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